May 14th, 2010


Friday, May 14

It's Friday...
It's Friday...
It's Friday...

~ skinnies, blue ejoi shirt, blue "summer shirt"*
~ yeah... FRIDAY!
~ excellent work out at the gym... lower body... I could barely fricking walk when I left that place... wowza!! :D
~ oh look ... a jacket...
~ meet with a junior representative of the past overlords of the galactic core... to transfer data... (proper exit interview is next week).
~ you could have seen us laughing last night as we watched How I Met Your Mother... We're somewhere in season 4 and the episode was the "Nake Man" episode... where some random guy's big date move is to get totally naked at some point... Seriously, we were all laughing our asses off!!!! :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a very tiny little moowazz. May there be brilliance in the days, weeks and months that will pass to mark this next year. I hope your heart is full. :)

* "summer shirt" is my code for a short sleeve, button up shirt... and preferably, one that can remain untucked and still look good.

I consider it a sign of living life properly...
that most of the people that are finding out about my exit...
and come to find me...
include a really nice hug in their "sad to see you go" moment.
because... I like hugs, and I really don't care how goofy that sounds. :D

Ok... this link is to a youtube video of the cinimatics for a game called "portal".
Get through it... dude.. this thing is mind numbingly cool when you start to get to the advanced structures...
[ :: Portal Teaser :: ]
~ the cake is a lie!

You can't "make" other people be happy...
But that doesn't mean you can't turn all your efforts towards helping them be happy.
Or at the very very least... truly hoping for their happiness, and doing what you can.
What is the point of being happy... if you let the people you care about aren't there with you?