May 13th, 2010


Thursday, May 13

Oh look... another nice day.
No rain... just cold in the morning and gorgeous for the rest of the day. :)
June is coming and I need to get to a skate park...
I think I will make a point this weekend... if we can just have a weekend of nice weather. ... please!!! :D

Last night... HUGE SCORE at Futureshop.
I swear man... it just does not end!!!
I bought a blue-ant "visor hands-free bluetooth" thing for Suz's car ... at Christmas. No "Extra warranty package". I bought it for 117, then they dropped it down to 79, so I brought it back and they gave me a credit... all back in early January. So last night... I went in with it - because it's a total piece of crap and we just cannot get it to work well... The plan is to get a motorolla bluetooth ear piece for Zee to use in her car (like I do). Guys at the counter... just punched in my phone number... found the 117 purchase and gave me a store credit. I bought a 99 ear piece and they put a two year "extra warranty" on ... and presto... it was a wash.
AND THEN... Geo's ear beads... the JVCs that I have returned for a full free replacement FOUR TIMES ALREADY (the reason I buy the extended warranty)... they are model x at 35$ for the pair. Dude at the counter punches in my phone number... see's a pair of 59$ jvc ear beads... makes some assumptions that I didn't correct... and gives me another store credit to replace them. I got him a better pair this time. ... la la la...
Seriously... I cannot believe my luck with Futureshop. I mean... every one of the staffers recognizes me and a few know me by name... it's not like I'm being sneaky and rushing away. If they had a problem, they'd ask me about it next time I come it... but no. Never. I just keep riding this. :D

~ totally all up in my thursday best... purple dress shirt, dark trousers and the purple tie. :)
~ eh... morning routine is getting old and I am looking forward to the summer!!!
~ wake up... wish for more sleep... get kids up, make breakfasts
~ for a little of that peace, love, and understanding vibe to find it's way into the school with innerly... :(

This is fit_girl_jessy ...
She's one of the reasons I'll be sad to leave this client. :)
And yes... this was taken on "argyle wednesday". :D

~ yes, you've seen her before... at Laser Tag and bowling. :)
but this is a really good pic and I wanted to share. :)


~ see this?
See how my nose... just fits inside the 'lid area"?
And what is "in" the lid area? Well the flip-up top, of course...
And what is 'on" the flip-up top? A nice little drip of coffee...
So the point of this story...
There is a reason why I have a brown spot on the tip of my nose.
Thank you.

Note to self: Not everyone knows wtf you're talking about when you mumble "that's what she said"... k?