May 12th, 2010


Wednesday, May 12

~ me... in the cube farm. :)

Nice day...
managed to get two goals completed today ... (work stuff) and this leaves me with ... pretty much a single goal to complete between now and the end.
I am pretty goal oriented at work... and I don't like having "one goal". It just feels ... quiet.
I like my neural pathways to be screaming at each other, desperately trying to multitask, as the day moves along...
Ah well... things will get busy for me soon enough and I suppose I should count my chickens. :)

~ argyle Wednesday... dark trousers... blue argyle. :)
~ future shop after work... try and return something that they prol'y shouldn't take back... (blue ant craptastic car bluetooth cell-hands-free thing... dumbasspieceofcrap).
~ no gym... :(
~ but I did have a good day at work. Damn, but I am going to miss this place. :) (well... ok... I'll miss a few specific people... :D)
~ found out about a wicked good deal on girls argyle at Rickies... hoping I can get Zee over there after work... :)
~ for a few intangible things... but I keep getting them... and then I feel like a bit of a glutton... then I get over that... and just smile.

ramp stuff... is starting to pay off with neighbors.
Just ... the kind of "stop and chat" conversations
that kind of revolve around "thank you for making my kid smile so much..."
I like that.

true friends stab you in the front.

my sweater is baggy.
It used to fit nice... but now... it kinda flares mid way and gets to fitting again at the bottom.
It's never been in a dryer... and I lay it flat to dry.
But it's got all baggy.
I saw myself in a picture today and was totally off-put about the blue argyle sweater.
Needs replacing. :)

... K, I'm leaving early today.
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