May 11th, 2010


Tuesday, May 11

~ gyfc! :)

Today was nice. Started stupid cold (frost sucka) but it got awesome.

Fun box... not so fun.
So it's half apart and being re-cut... one side with the existing curve, the other side an even ramp, as shallow as I can get it.

~ skinnies... brown argyle sweater... (I know... tuesday... )
~ working on a presentation that someone else is going to give in June. :)
~ cardio, lower body and abs at the gym...
~ book an exit interview at the central hub of the outgoing galactic overlords.
~ fish dinner... lots of yard work after dinner
~ that stacy gets her Aggro! :)

[ :: Gleevec :: ] cancer treatment... pretty amazing for lukemia and gastro cancers.
Amazingly, [ :: shrew saliva :: ] is at the heart of an equally amazing treatment for ovarian, breast, prostate, etc
Seriously... It's pretty amazing to think what we could soon be doing for cancer treatments.

Ok, so the past belongs to the past.
But the future belongs to you.
Think of it like this...
If the past is a book,
The future is a pen.

Maybe you would have been
Something I'd be good at.

:) ok... time to clean Dexter.