May 10th, 2010


Monday, May 10

Alrighty then... today was flipp'en cold.
Stupid early May. :)
Sunny though.

My poor zee has been seriously sick.
She went down hard with a flu or food poisoning last night.
Between her talking to huey and - when I woke up - me getting her a cloth or some water...
gah... it was a no really satisfying sleep night. :(
And today was going to be long to start with...
sigh. :)

~ fresh from dry-cleaner beige trousers... nice light shirt...
~ ... there was a tie in there too.
~ interesting start to the day (see below)
~ and then get to work and set about an inextricable course.
~ go to the gym... :)
~ wrap up the "inextricable" stuff... (also see below)
~ zoom home... get Ed... take him to karate... drop off papers with people involved with the "inextricable" stuff...
~ get Ed from karate... home... make pork chops and rice for dinner...
~ weed the lawn for a while with Geo (omg... so evil!... the weeds, not george)
~ sit on sofa, watch Phinias and Ferb while I type ... this... and this... and this... ahhhhh
~ to smile at rini and her brand new little nugget...

Today I told my lovely lovely ... lovely clinet... the best job in years...
the guys I have been totally digging for the last year and a half,
That May 28 would be my last day with them.
Then I sent an email to the galactic core and informed my employer that May 28 would be the last day of their reign.
I am installing a new regime at the galactic core.
That is to say I resigned from the company that just got me a duffle bag to celebrate my ten year anniversary with them.
And I signed a contract with a new company, agreeing to be my awesome self for their clients.
... because the deal was... just... that... good.
I like how the contract talks about a 90 day probationary period.
I don't really get that.
I figure the people I choose to be my employer have to earn ... me.
If they don't live up to expectations... I fire them. aka: end their reign in the galactic core.
If they do... well then it's leaf on the wind time baby... (extra points for that sci-fi reference).

I spent the first two hours of my morning at a "resolution circle" (I may have the name wrong... but what ever it is actually called... means "resolution circle")
At the public school Ed goes to.
Three Kids, their advocates (other kids), parents, teacher, princpal and a social worker with a script.
It was all about getting to the bottom of some bullying issues at the school.
It was wicked.
Very emotional.
It was followed by a big circle thing with all the kids in the class, and no parents.
No question that it appears to have been a very effective process. We'll see ... over time.
Sadly, it took one kids mother contacting the super-intendant of the school board to get any kind of action.
(I have several contrary opinions about how this particular school thinks it's dealing with bullying on a day-to-day basis)

K... done.
Time to get the kids to bed.