May 7th, 2010


Friday, May 7

Not too shabby a'day.
I have no memory of the weather... I don't think it rained... but it was chilly and meh.
But I have been all a'swirl these days with big plans and lots on my little mind. :)

My tattoo is healing up nice.
I'm keeping it "goo'ed up" with stuff...
It's still a bit tender... still like a sunburn... but somewhat like a healing scratch (which is pretty much... you know... what it is. :D)
Sometimes... I feel like a bit of a tard... because I like it so much. :D

~ bit relaxed today...
~ skinnies, enjoy shirt and a sweater. :)
~ so yeah... started the day in a meeting dedicated to planning my work for the next 6 months. (more on that ... on monday)
~ gym... lower bod and abs.
~ tap my toes all afternoon, jonesing for news from a friend about her mom... (kinda good news - sometimes you have to count your chickens and try not to notice that they're ... only chickens)
~ stop in to see someone and pick up paperwork... (more on that... on monday)
~ that it was monday, so I could finally explain myself...

When the government bailed out the auto industry,
all they did was postpone the inevitable.
Seriously... bailing out Greece will be no different.
The people who are all about "no no... if greece goes down, it will take us with them..."
Those people piss me off.
First of all... bull.
They don't actually know this... they just figure they're so darn smart that they ... just know this stuff.
Remember... these are the same people that lead us all to dissaster.
I really wish we'd stop listening to them.
I say... "go with your gut" and stop listening to know-it-alls. :)
Go ahead and burn, Greece.
You can always clean things up with a little windex. :D

Sometimes with the truth
Comes the glassy eyes of realization.
These are the eyes that best reflect the sun,
And warm an almost frozen heart.
When it hurts too much...
My arms will hold you,
And my words will try to remind you...
That is a beautiful sun shining from your lovely eyes.

I am most impressed
By people who can remain focused
When life tries to send you down the rabit hole.

Suz and the boys are watching Dr Who from two weeks ago.
After that... we re-convene in the family room for "Flash Forward". :)
See you soon.