May 5th, 2010


Wednesday, May 5

Again, with the "starts with rain, gets sunny and ends with rain."
Made for nice sun when we went to the gym... got coffee, and found our way back to the office.

Happy frick'en Cinco De Mayo baby...
Any day dedicated to celebrating the official beating of historical french guys... kinda rocks. :)

Yeah... it was wednesday,
So there was argyle and blue jeans in the day. :)
~ work work work...
~ gym... today was cardio and lower body, with a little ab work to round things off.
~ home... spaghetti night...
~ and then go the homeowners association "annual general meeting". I'm "past president" and official "pond guy" (our community has this gorgeous pond in our park). Long meeting... but it's done. )
~ that suduku mom is doing well...
~ and for nutmeg's friend... to make it these next few weeks!!

At what point does kurt russel swoop in, wall off NY City and take over?

Today was a good day...
... because I have come to believe that I will, now and forever after,
find the strength and the means to hold fast to the people that make the land of me...
a supportive, joyful, and emotionally rewarding place.

I used to do this ab thing...
You get on a bench and lay back,
The you hook your knees and feet over some cushion thing...
And you can do sit ups.
So I would raise it up using a "step thing" from the step-class gear...
Making a bigger incline to lay back on.
I'd get a "heavy ball" and hold that to my upper chest
And then do twenty sit ups, rotating with the ball at the top of each sit-up.
This would be taxing.
Then I started doing these elbow-to-knee sit-ups, laying over a half-ball (everyone calls 'em "bosu balls" - ?? - because the brand name "bosu" is on the bottom)
Ten of those ... if you really lay back across the ball in each movement, and if you try to hold your "transverse abdominus" (lower abs) tight, while you do them...
Ten of those... is wicked wicked.
Twenty... is a long burn.
Well today, after the bosu ball thing...
I decided to do the raised-bench sit-ups again... It's been a while... and I wondered how they would feel...
... and dude... they were fricking easy.
Lesson: The bosu ball thing... is an awesome ab exercise... with real results.
Just say'en...

K... time to go. :)