May 4th, 2010


Tuesday, May 4

As my friend john said earlier... "May the 4th be with you." :)

Serious day.
I saw rain... sunshine... lightening... freak day.

FuckingRogers (my cell provider... my home phone provider... internet service provider... tv signal and pvr rental... EVERYTHING...)
And you'd think they'd line up doing back flips to keep me happy.
Sadly... i'm somewhere in no mans land... because my hardware support contracts have ended and I'm still two months away from a hardware upgrade offer.
I have to survive till July without getting a new phone??? sigh.

I googled "how to fix an iPhone" and ended up with my phone in pieces last night...
When i put it back together... I got a screen activation.
So I could... unlock my sim card and get the phone back to ENGLISH.
I am thinking it was defaulting to Arabic (not russian). Very weird.
Meanwhile... I called Rogers today and really ran shit up the pole trying to get some satisfaction.
Things were crap. I have to make it to July before I can get this sorted.
But - as it turns out - the blackberry thing? IF I take shipment and use it... I would have ended up locked into a blackberry contract for TWO YEARS!!!! ahhhh. Well, I'll be refusing shipment on that, tyvm!!!

So my phone works... but I'm totally sure it's going to die again.
I am rather upset. :(

~ eh... nice trousers.
~ faker sweater.
~ facing the music...
~ gym...
~ get some work done... not easy...
~ I was feeling less emotional today.

Family first.
Hard choices are made easy,
If you have a backdrop that you can rely on to guide you.
My backdrop... is "Family first".
Sadly... sometimes this means that you have to make hard choices because you know they will be better for your family... in the long run.
It's that "long run" that gets to pissing you off... or scaring you... or making you nervous... etc.

I guess... being tired... overworked... stressed about the phone...
and one other GIANT HUGE MOTHER THING...
All conspired to really get to me this afternoon.
I was at my desk... and a total mess.
Well... quietly being messy.
All better now... sort of.
see "///" to start the journey towards an answer to "what?"

(and on a completely seperate topic...)
I know I made my choices.
I am the master of my own fortunes... or misfortunes.
but that doesn't mean I don't get to be real.
the real me... seriously misses my lj friends.
There was... a certain comfort is being able to randomly log-in,
and scroll through all the friends that were posting.
I miss that... but it was the best choice.
The best choice for me ... for now.
So i'm sticking with the program.