April 29th, 2010


Thursday, April 29

Rivers of cream and honey today.
If the honey is the abundant sun
and the cream is the cold air.
k. :)

I am Jacks boundless effort.

Thumbs at the critical stage.
Must keep 'em all lubed up

~ eh... dark trousers... sweater (more argyle)... and red shoes.
~ navigating some swirling workish waters...
~ not going to a galactic core team dinner...
~ made chicken kiev at home instead. :)
~ excellent gym day.
~ pretty much focused on a good friend and her family tonight. Just being a positive force in the universe. :)

Dear Girl Guides:
WTF? Seriously... WITNOG? ...
You have this amazing and locked down market share...
You have a distribution model second to none when it comes to slave labour legal loopholes...
Margins to die for...
And you still make totally shitty cookies.

Icon for my little-c...

And her argyle shoes... :)

If wishes were fishes...

~ ok... leaf on the wind time. :)