April 27th, 2010


Tuesday, April 27

~ So... Agent Smith gave Neo a hard case of the no-lips,
liquid face thing, during the initial interview?

Dude... it snowed today.
Apparently this is not all that unusual... it being April, and all.
But there's no escaping the suckage. :)

~ k... skinny jeans, blue tee and blue shirt...
~ red shoes. :)
~ you know those days at work when you just go head down over paperwork and end up feeling like you did a months work?
~ yeah... one of those. :)
~ and it was "total ab day" at the gym. :)
~ for "goals" to come together for sodiumbisulfite...
~ that the_bean gets herself an iPhone...
~ I come across a new Phinias & Ferb

So much humour is, at it's heart (and often on it's surface),
based completely on the "at someone's expense" vibe.
It is difficult to hide from the laugh when you see it,
Harder, by far, to hear.... when someone is you.

It is rewarding
To find that you know someone
Well enough to see, objectively
Everything that is beautiful about them.

Edward is in the garage...
Hammer in hand...
Finishing off his grade five castle.
It has lived, safe and sound, on a file cabinate in the basement...
Alas... no more.

K...see ya. :)