April 23rd, 2010


Friday, April 23

eighty five kinds of beautiful outside today.
the eighty-sixth thing would have been "warmer" but it's ok... a little cool air in April is no big surprise.

New little flower pots into the nice plant-pots for the three admins that sit near me at work.
I try to take good care fo these girls...
A week doesn't go by without at least one of them taking good care of me and my work.
I love being able to reward people for being great at their jobs.
Mostly... because I love the feeling of being rewarded for doing my job well. :)

~ skinnies... faker sweater... black tee. :)
~ ug. Seriously? Just kill me now.
~ to work early... very... so I could get ready.
~ spend two hours on a hot seat with a manager and her enterage... while she fumed at me. It seems I did not make her happy by telling her she was dead wrong about something. Ah well.
~ sitting there... wearing my "calm corto" face... I was literally deciding between a) getting up and leaving and b) staying put. You have to understand ... the implications of "a)" are OUTSTANDING... awesome drama. Almost got up... but I opted for "b)" and I did my best smooth things out. Some people... just seems so darn surprised when anybody questions them ... ah well. :)
~ totally brilliant time at the gym. I got to spend some time talking to trainer-girl. Typical "me"... talk to her for 5 minutes... and I now know everything about her, her family, her issues with the boy that has been her bf for the last four months and why she wants to get back there... Story of my life... She's a nice girl. So don't get me wrong.... I'm usually quite pleased to be taken into someones confidence like that... but how quicky it happens and how often... kinda blows me away. :)
~ really burned out today... so I did paperwork all afternoon.
~ about to call it a day and head home... :D :D :D :D
~ for a brilliant sunny saturday!!!! :D (skate park in the early morning... back yard half pipe with neighborhood kids... all afternoon).

The soaking wet pair of beige old lady cotton panties that is currently holding down the fort as the elected Premier of Ontario..
He pulled the sex-ed curriculum yesterday... "we obviously didn't do enough public-opinion research"
"Dear children ... please continue to get your sex education from your friends on the playground...."

It's sunny... and it's not s'posed to rain again until Sunday.
So the ramp gets uncovered!!! :D

Found out today... that the starbucks "letter" I wrote to the prez a while ago...,
Word finally reached the manager of the store I frequent today.
He cornered me after the gym to ask me about it... having assumed it was me.
He had a big smile...
... and then I got free stuff... :)

k... 4:30... I'm going home.
I'm officially going on "weekend time". :D
See ya.