April 18th, 2010


Sunday, April 18

Mad consumerism marked Saturday...
But was just too busy in the morning to get shopping before noon. :)
Lots and lots of rain on Saturday...
But Sunday... is doing much better!! :)

Geo and I volunteer at this "Breakfast Club" thing at the britania yatch club.
It's a great way to spend a sunday morning. :)
Today... when we got there, the leavings of a big wedding were still in place.
A big bag of chocolate things (lindt) with a note "For Breakfast Club ... enjoy".
It was on a table with...
Pots and pots of dafodils... little clear-pastic wrapped candy bunches... (yum)
... and in the kitchen? a cake box with a bunch of cupcakes.
Not your average little cup-cakes... but super awesome wedding class sweet-cup'em-cakes!!!
I immediately put a plate with five cup-cakes in the fridge to bring home...
That's one for everyone at home... and one to save for a friend. :) lol.
An den... (after much enjoyment of the cup-cakes)...
Some dude shows up and grabs all the flowers and what was left of the cup-cakes.

~ crappy jeans... all day... but pj pants are my 'evening attire'. :D
~ up early... Geo and I head out to do the BYC to work at the Breakfast thing... I was cooking and geo was serving. He was great... :)
~ spend afternoon in the yard with a bunch of kids and lots of skateboards. :)
~ I could eat cashews... seriously.

Suz has been totally "selling the storage room". :)
Kajiji is our friend. :)
Stuff is going too! :D

Validation-of-effort day. :)
We unwrapped the ramp when the sky stopped making wet.
And six neighbor kids magically appear.
It was great...

... they played all afternoon.
Two of the kids summoned "it" up and learned to "drop in" today... :)
The deal is... you get to carve your initials into the supporting 4x4 if you drop in!

k... seriously... this week is going to be freaking wicked.
!! So, I'm psyching up ... :D