April 16th, 2010


Friday, April 16

ok, so rain everywhere.
no rampy goodness today!

As I type... Dexter (our rumba robot) is busy doing the carpet in the family room.
I put up the two invisi wall things to sorta block the way off the carpet...
Good Dexter. Good boy.

Hey, I woke up to a wonderous everything I own is clean moment.
I like the morning after "big laundry".

~ blue jeans, blue tee, warm sweater. :)
~ lots more "getting ready for next week" going on...
~ find out that co-worker-dude-boss-man (as opposed to the sub-commanders at the 'core) totally resigned this morning. :) lol !!
~ nice lunch with bff :)
~ great afternoon at work (although, once again... no gym!! grr.. may go to the gym tomorrow... )
~ salmon for dinner (cost-co frozen vac-sealed salmon! good deal and good salmon)
~ for dessert... we went driving all over the place to do kajiji deals like we was dope dealers. :D
~ home to totally kick back for a friday night. omg I am so glad it's friday. I'm freaking dead... it's like I was on adreneline all week just ... gah. :) (It's so nice to relax)
~ that cost-co sold the "pikes place" variety of Star Bucks coffee (they sell Verona and French Roast)

Yeah... so are you watching Lost at all?
The "last Lost season".
We are...
And I had like four solid wtf moments in this weeks episode.
I hope they can tie things back together in a way thats as fun as it has been...
confusing the heck out of things. :D

I got two nice compliments today.
This is the parable of bread-upon-the-water in full bloom.
And so I smiled.

Once you have me
You have me.
You don't need to earn me ever again.
Just be the person I gave myself to,
And that will always be enough.

:) See you soon.