April 15th, 2010


Thursday, April 15

Thursday? already?
wicked. I mean...
This is what happens when you go to bed a little earlier.

lots of rain in the offing.
so I'm guessing the whole "... May flowers" deal is in full swing.

Tweeet: marinating pork chcops. weeee
Facebook: ohman I have to make dinner... soaking pig now... makes me think of Jacob, this guy I knew in high school... click below to see fifteen tagged pictures of him, his kids, and extended family members...
Linkedin: Can cook.
eHarmony: Can cook.
LJ: Making dinner. :D smashed potatoes and marinated pork chops on the new Q.

~ apparently, I was safari-bob today.
~ jeans and my shirt from the depths of the jungle. :)
~ an interesting day... :)
~ started with a long meeting avec le grand formage at my client site. covered lots of project planning, a presentation and a few words about the future.
~ great work out... the "pain you love" on my quadriceps. I have been stupidly ignoring them as the exercises for them used to hurt my knee...
~ oh man, next week is going to be several orders of magnatude harder than this week...
~ honestly... that I could spend 30 more minutes in the gym at lunch... alas... ear wax.

CNN: Tiger Woods buys golf course... and paves it.
~ hey... it could happen.

the pain you hide
is the pain you share

... ok, see you soon. :)