April 14th, 2010


Wednesday, April 14

Red letter day. :)
Totally beautiful, btw...
But I dropped in on the ramp tonight, and that's all I'm really going to remember about today. :D

~ nice pants and blue argyle today. :)
~ sadly... the argyle wednesday thing seems to be diminished. Perhaps it can make a come back... but warm weather does not really "bring out the argyle". hmm maybe sox? :D
~ early to work... just flipp'en buckets of work to do.
~ excellent gym day... cardio, arms and legs. Rule: equal and opposite work... makes for a great work-out. :)
~ and as soon as I'm back at work... I begin getting the pit-o-tummy vibe about the ramp...
~ great afternoon. Gave some time a friend who had the big-sad lurking under the covers. I hope she's making good choices tonight. :) (no way in hell she'd be reading this... so this "hope" is pure karma bomb stuff).
~ home... sat on ramp for a while... helmet and all... did nothing.
~ made club sammiches and salad for dinner... cleaned up...
~ then back outside.... totally padded up (psychological "game on" thing) and sat on the ramp again. :)
~ Goofed with Geo on the ramp for a bit... then BAM! Dropped in four times real quick before I let myself over-think it. :D (and yes, it is a small thing to many but a goofy giant thing with me... so nah! :D)
~ now it's now... time to clean something and relax. (er... I really have to do my taxes. I've "done them" twice... but I need to do 'em again and then submit!!!)
~ for a good friends mom to get good info and a clear path. :)
~ for a great deal of sunshine!! (although, I know rain is in the offing!)
~ that you are safe... and happy. :)

Something I commented in lj today... pulled into here for posterity. :)
We exist as electrical systems...
our body is biological
but our concepts of "existing" are all the products of electrical systems in our bio-bodies.

Now... relationships, good or bad, are "relationships" (and not just acquaintances)
precisely because we magically rewired parts of ourselves to connect up to this other electrical system.
(you still with me? or do I sound like a crazy person?)
When those relationships end, we are left with that "rewired" part - but now it connects to nothing.
We move on... make new connections... we rewire for life.

But every now and then...
We come across one of those old relationships...
the other part of one of those unused connections.
Sometimes it's a lovely sense of "click" and calm-comfort results.
Other times the connection is totally sparks and wow!
And, of course, sometimes it's a re-start of all the BAD wiring in that old connection.

It's usually not a conscious choice...
just that electrical system doing it's thing when you encounter that other person.

This, of course, explains love-at-first-sight, or it's little sister, totally-clicking-with-someone.
Sometimes... it's like you came pre-wired to connect up to someone.
Finding those people... is rare... and a blessing.

Windowzzz 7 Pro on my desktop.
7 pro on my media pc in the theater room...
7 pro on Geo's computer.
Seriously... not a single problem.
It's time to do Z and Ed's computers.