April 12th, 2010


Monday, April 12

Back to work... and totally beautiful weather.

~ monday uniform....
~ (beige trousers, light shirt and tie... enjoyed the red shoe thing)
~ busy day... in the office early, send away some reports, take off - go downtown, meet with the sector sub-commander at the galactic core, back to work to submit more reports... then eat (no gym!!) and deliver a show'n'tell thing with a big room full of team leaders and managers... sigh. And through it all... absorbing modest-to-big-personal-drama.
~ that things work out!

So a director in a fair-to-big corporation - your employer,
Makes you a promise... puts it in writing...
And subsiquently decides to simply say "no, I'm not going to do that...",
Regardless of any hardship caused or breach of trust experienced,
There is an expected flurry of groundless reasons and even the curious acusation that you are "only in it for the money."
You have to call a great deal about that corporation into question.
This will lead to a general loss of faith in, let alone respect for, the corporation, and it's agents.
And then this yieldis the not-lightly taken posture that something must be done.
... you set about getting something done.

But some cards should remain close to your chest,
until the very end of the hand.

You know... these are new episodes of Phinias and Ferb!

When you hurt,
Even if I don't know what to do...
No force in the 'verse
Will stop me from trying to figure it out.

Ok... see you soon.