April 9th, 2010


Friday, April 9

k, it's cold.
cloudy, rainy, and cold. :(

ah well.. still got to have a great day!!

~ ah yes, friday.
~ skinnys and a sweater!
~ slept in!! gah. started everything a half hour late.
~ kids made their busses... (phew)
~ and the work day came and went with some pretty good moments. :)
~ got to the gym with coworks... was great.
~ drive z to part with her sis and now-ex-coworks, sis's hubby is picking them up. (hic!)
~ several errands... and home to goof around with the boys for the evening.
~ enjoying "Lost". :D
~ that I get to keep on enjoying this path. :)
Seriously... things have been really great.
It's all about choices.

So the Transworld web site hook up has generated about 3600 hits on the ramp video yesterday.
is fun. :)


I call her Hildigard.
~ and I am your pretty pretty flower.

totally feeling empowered
possibly overconfident
this is whole pendulum-thing in action
and you know what they say about the road to recovery
all paved with recognizing you're weird. :D

~ k... seriously
I have to freaking kill Hildigard.