April 8th, 2010


Thursday, April 8

.. the rain held off for most of the day.
Cloudy all the time... and cold. :(
And it's having a thunderstorm out there now. :)

Today was the first time I've ever been to a proper sushi restaurant.
I've had california roll before but ... it pretty much sucked the big one.
This stuff... was amazing!!
("Hockey Sushi: Kanata")
It helped - a lot - that some of the folks knew what was what and took care of ordering.
The "eel" was really good... butterfish... yum... tempura shrimp... sigh...
A vast amount of food ... and it vanishes so quick.
Fun. I'll go back. :)

AND... check this out. :)
My "so you want to build a skateboard ramp?" YouTube video is on the front page of Transworld Skateboarding Web. :D
[ :: check me here :: ]

~ k, no tie today!! (wee)
~ skinnies and argyle. :)
~ paperwork... story of my life at work these days... but that's ok. It's a nice change from crazy... and next week? back to crazy. :)
~ out to lunch with co-works.
~ homeowners ass meeting tonight.
~ I had managed to get to the gym today. :( !!!
~ I could see a man about a horse... but soon. :)

You see that new Tiger Woods NIKE advert?
He's standing there... black and white...
His dead fathers voice, spliced up from early recordings to sound like he's give'en Tiger the guilt vibe
and "hoping he learned something..."
So many things wrong here... I don't know where to start.
How 'bout with using dead dad to sell NIKE gear?
Or maybe just the freaking look on Tigers face?
Dude looks like he's about to cry ...
... and you have to wonder...
just what is he crying about?
"I have a billion dollars...
... and I will no longer indulge my desires
... no longer get action from pornstars and golf-groupies
... say goodbye to red heads...
... and get pushed around by my wife, sponsors and douche bag tournament leaders"
Seriously... why hasn't he just told everyone where to get off, get back to golfing and live his own life.
Priests do far worse on a regular basis, and they are actually supposed to be role models
Tiger? He's just this guy with skill, business smarts, money and a penis.
Big freaking deal!

Local Radio Station "HOT 89.9"
On April Fools Day, all of their advertising, and tag lines suddenly changed to "HO 89.9"...
... with no explanation.
This goes on for five days...
... and presto, they announce a contest.
Seems a "prankster" has stolen their T and blah blah blah ... 10,000$ reward for the safe return of thier T.
Fun right?
Believe it or not, they've received a never-ending wave of vitriolic criticism from people that deride their use of the word "Hoe"... despit it actually being "HO".
Personal attacks in FB at the DJs and all.
Gah... people are stupid sometimes. :)

If I haven't mentioned it lately...
I freaking love the work that I do.
There are issues with my employer and all that...
But man... this is fun work. :)

... k.
Time to go and make s'getti. :)
see ya.