April 5th, 2010


Monday, April 5

Day four...
So totally love long weekends. :)
My brain let me sleep in today!! I slept till 10freakingAM.
Many little forest creatures have been conceived, born, lived full and happy lives and passed on since the last time I slept that late. :)

Went to Home Depot with Geo to get new masonite, and some bits-and-pieces...
Driving home... in a driving wind... with two 8x4 sheets of masonite and two 8x4 3/8" plywood tied to the roof of my car... was a trip.
I managed to get the old off and new on... the first quarterpipe is perfect...
Except I still have to sort out the join between the old and the new. The "sheet of steel" is doing just fine but it's temporary.

The big deal is trying to cover it... I have a massive blue tarp over it, hooked and tied down.
But it's noise in the wind.
And it's a pain.
I need to come up with something that we can actually "use"... instead of "struggle with.".

Of course, I could just use skatelite. but at (I think) $150 a sheet... I'll need six, so 900 dollars later... gah.
Not going to go there unless some weird fortune strikes me.

Oh, and it rained a bit today.
Just a bit.
Mostly, sunny and windy.

~ old jeans... old shorts... new tees...
~ busy day.
~ going to go watch last weeks Flashforward with the family...
~ going to bed early...
~ wicked early...
~ 'cuz I'm up at 3:00 to get ready for the day and I'll be starting it at the civic hospitat at 4... (MRI time).
~ if it goes fast... I'll be home by 5 and back to work for 8
~ if it goes long... I'll just go straight to work... "at work by 7" is what a lot of co-works do...
~ that a dear friends' return-to-work goes well... I look forward to seeing you again. :)
~ for laser boy and his scary tattoo's to show up at work... I want to see new ink!
~ and that the wave-key... turns up somewhere that the_bean hasn't looked yet.

I expect to see my director at the "galactic core" this week.
This could go as well as an stow-away interview with the captain of a vogon constructor ship.
And it could go in some new, as yet, unanticipated, direction.
That is to say, I anticipate the vogon thing... but I will be well pleased to ... find otherwise.
Updates... when the info makes itself available. :)

vegitable oil is good.
see, baby oild heats up with friction.

see ya. :)