April 2nd, 2010


Friday, April 2

+26... tee shirt and shorts weather.
Just awesome.
~ I mean... I unwrapped and "deployed" the porch furniture. :D
It's like I'm just begging mother nature to go hard-core-blizzard on my ass all through April.

~ shorts... all day. :)
~ eh... so with nothing open... there were no groceries... no errands... just cleaning up and playing in the garage. :)
~ we got busy with setting up the new platform and quater-pipe...
~ made bbq pork chops and shrimp for dinner (this bbq is going to be busy this summer. :D)
~ clean up in the garage after dinner and presto... a night to relax with a good cup of coffee. :)
~ I had several more bags of this coffee...


~ bought on last year's cruise-stop in Jamaica.
~ opened today... sigh. It's a really good cup o'joe.

Praise the goddess for such fine fine weather!!!

So we have to turn the original quarter pipe around (no small affair, that. It's freaking heavy.)
~ and we have to do the surfaces, but the sections fit.
~ we'll work on the surfaces tomorrow. :)

I am so so fortunate.
And so grateful.