April 1st, 2010


Thursday, April 1

~ nope... no april fools jokes.

Today was... like +20.
With sun.
... ~ smile. :)

~ skinnies, white tee and blue shirt.
~ head-down day of editing...
~ interupted constantly by galactic core boss ...
~ getting ready for a show & tell to suits next wednesay... a "breakfast event"... sigh. who thinks of these things? breakfast? Why is anybody thinking about business'y stuff at breakfast? gah!
~ good gym day... great work out... shoulder... not bothering me as much, but I'm also just not doing certain things, being careful to not irritate the ouchi spot. :)
~ and... change eight (8) tires. la la la...
~ just about to finish The Lost Symbol. (another fun story...)
~ about to read "Googled: The End of The World As We Know It"

President, CEO, chief-doc, head dude, whatever he is called...
There is this guy who is the boss of all things at the Ottawa General Hospital.
Guy is paid 702,000+ per year.
Since 06 he has had a 48% raise.
In that time, the hospital has laid off dozens of nurses... due to budget cut-backs.
The hospital board says "Oh we have to pay that scale, or we will lose him..."
Um... I don't see the problem here.
Does the board think there is not going to be a line up down the block of people who are ready and able to do that same job?
Surely it's possible that there is some-one, at least one other person... in the universe... who can do this job?
There is no reason what-so-ever that the head of a publicly funded institution should be paid that kind of trim.
That is total bs.

Got a call today from the hospital...
"We'd like to book your MRI..."
I expect this long "wait time".
Dude say's April 6.
I say "sure"...
Dude say's 4:10 AM.
geez... I say "sure"
I will bring a blank cd...
talk about your well-used machine.

It is hard to follow the threads of your heart
When the wind decides to blow
But the wind will calm
And you'll make the time
Each treasured line attended
It's hard to follow the threads of your heart
But you do
Because you can
And it's ... wonderful.

Yeah, ok... I gotta git. :)