March 29th, 2010


Monday, March 29

Nice day... I mean... actually it was raining in the morning and cloudy and sucky the rest of the day...
But I had a nice day. :)

Another day that I can say;
My partnership is strong and wonderful...
I'm cooking with gas on work stuff...
Things are great in my family...
My friendships are strong...
And I get to open my heart all the time.

Yes... things are good.

~ light purple shirt purple tie,
~ dark trousers
~ yes, i'm still wearing the brown belt so I can wear brown shoes...
~ but see... I love my loafers... penny free...
~ totally spend the whole day editing documents... working on two policy docs to be presented in mid april...
~ gym...
~ hit Future Shop on the way home, get a "PSP Replacement" (whatever that means) of our Wii. It died AGAIN... they agreed to give us a brand new, full box o'Wii. (I only returned the actual console box). (four service problems = replace it).
~ home to make a big salad, rice, set the table and wait for suz to get home with Ed from karate... they brought home Mc. Death burgers. I have to admit... I continue to love a big mac from time to time... :D
~ chillen for the evening. :)
~ a good friend does great when she goes under the knife tomorrow...
~ I can find the chance to watch more Caprica... (only got to watch one this weekend).

So a couple of women blew themselves up in the heart of Moscow on the subway.
Please note: Moscow has waged a terrifying war against Chechnya for the last several years.
Grozny, the Chechnyan capital city... was practically reduced to rubble... bombed relentlessly.
Suicide bombers have been used in Chechnya for years against the oppressing Russian invaders.
Russia has been heartless and, according to many, ethnically cleansing the Chechnyan people.
So... a couple of women from Chechnya blew themselves up in the heart of Moscow.

Starbucks today...
After the gym, we walked into 'bucks and ordered a Grande Bold, Tall Mocha, Tall Hot Chocolate.
Dude taps my bucks card on the counter and hands it back. (score)
After work... I figure... lunch was no 'bucks at bucks, so I stop on the way home too... Dopio Long, shot of coffee cream...
Drive thru window guy... taps my 'bucks card on the window frame... and hands it back. !!!!

Did you compliment anyone today?