February 28th, 2010


Sunday, February 28

Hola... :)

So it's a Sunday.
Tried sleeping on our proper sides of the bed last night... (been switched since my shoulder went nuts)
~ this was a bad decision... so it's a bit off today. :(
ah well... I see TTA tomorrow for a follow up and I'm still on with the sports med doc in March.
I'll find the full solution, eventually. :)

It's gray and mild ... kind of an premature spring... all needy and icky.

Yesterday, however... was outstanding. :D !!
I got almost all my consumerism done in the AM... groceries, etc.
I drove Geo to a beautiful community pool to babysit / swim for fit_girl_jessy.
This let her go to the pool with both her little darl'ens and not spend the whole time worrying.
This was good. :) (So happy that worked out. :D)
Zee and I got to feed her little guys snacks, and share some coffee with jess when she dropped Geo off later.
Again... this was good. ! :) (so happy that worked out!! :D)

Drove Geo to a friends house... way out "in country" for a um... party.
Geo makes very good choices for a fourteen year old... he's long since earned out trust
And I picked him up later in the evening and pretty much confirmed that our trust is well placed.

~ total sleep wear... do you like?
~ note the hair... lets call it happy-hair. :D
~ going to cost-co for a big bag of 'bucks coffee
~ home depot to get supplies to tile the porch stair in the basement (see picture // below. :D)
~ make chicken kiev for dinner... (hello garlic butter... so nice to see you again... purrrrrrrrrr)
~ that the_bean has a wonderful week ahead...
~ for dotcombabe to have a great time with her new site... (you should click and visit!) [ :: Super Art Girl Dot Com :: ]
~ for the hockey game to be close... (close is so much more fun than a blow out... always!!)
~ and that water does not make life too hard on my coastal friends in far away places...

Birthday moments...
Happy day-late birthday to badbookworm ... may the editing make you smile... and the living make you laugh out loud.
And to my friend the Leap-Girl ... (Feb 29 girl) thatthingido, a very happy sorta-birthday to you sugar. :) I hope all is well and that you are being ... appreciated.

The only unfinished bit of my ginormous basement-finishing extraveganza.
~ I'm going to try and tile it today... (insert ominous music here....)

~ hello vanity... one picture is not enough today
I better make it two... lol.

awrighty... time to make some food for the fam,
shower and get to home depot... :)
See ya.