February 26th, 2010


Friday, February 26

Seriously... gah!
we clear on that bit?

... sigh. I am so (sofaking) happy that this week is over.
The plot in the life and times of the working world of me continues to thicken.
Which is a thick kind of back ground noise... to everything else.
And then a truly remarkable week loads up with stunning physio, wicked weather, giant gobs of work, evening adventures...
Just a non stop week.

so yeah,... gah!

that's not to say that it's not all fun...
dude, it's been a week packed to the tits with great memories, fun, challenges and wonderful chances to share the love.
but it's been long.
I'm exhausted. :)

~ I was jeans and brown turtleneck boy today...
~ I am pj pants and comfy shirt boy... tonight. :)
~ yeah, so f'n eh this has been a long ass week... and today was no dif.
~ kinda got up late, jonesing for the radio to get around to calling it a snow day... no such luck.
~ up and end with driving Ed and his ski gear to school, to be picked up again at 3... so I have a short, no lunch day.
~ my time is officially being divided at work... I'm now working two fronts, from one desk, with one multi tasking corto trying to keep sorted.
~ s'actually fun. :) oh, and I drove out for a coffee at some point...
~ went to the gym after getting Ed home...
~ giant chicken breast burger things for dinner. :)
~ that there's a good reason... an orange reason... to congratulate sodiumbisulfite
~ for the_bean to enjoy her ... commute. :)
~ and that allyn enjoys the build up to Monday.


~ cruise baby... cruise. :)

ps. [ :: the stinky barrel :: ]