February 17th, 2010


Wednesday, February 17

~ Active Release Technique.

Yeah... see that girl... in the ironman number...
She's Tracy Montgomery. That's the brochure for her physio therapy front.
I'm pretty much done with the people that have been trying to help me fix my shoulder.
gah... let alone the endless supply of people saying "oh I had that... it took years... "
So suz brought me this brochure... Tracy did a presentation to her Running Room group last year.

I called and she was able to see me after her last client. So she stayed late...
... and she fricking rocked... very hard core.
I wasn't screaming... yelling yes... but no screaming. :)
She is this tiny little person... made of solid muscle.
The treatment is deep tissue based but involves taking you through ranges of very specific motions as she works the tissue.
omfg... no seriously... ommfg.
She had a long "hurts so good" versus "hurts so bad" discussion with me about the pain that was coming and how to make sure we are communicating.
She accomplished more, physically and for my mental state of mind about this injury, in an hour than everything else since September rolled together.

I go back on Friday for more...

Oh... I think it was snowy today. :)

~ jeans and 'argyle wednesday'.
~ my main client (I have three here) was holding an off-site "All Staff" meeting. (no including consultants...).
~ so my wednesday meeting was cancelled and I had a quiet morning with paperwork... and back on the new giant project for the afternoon (and again all day tomorrow... sigh)
~ my ideal opportunity to put the "thank you for being awesome" plants on the admin's desks... "anonymous" didn't last long - never underestimate an admin. :) (this went really well)
~ gym at lunch... and zoomed to new physio session right after work.
~ to send some toothy love out to pixiecup!!!
~ that ayoub managed to get a good sleep... (Good morning!! :D)
~ for annietopia to enjoy the return journey. :)
~ and to send instant love to pageeater!!!! lots and lots and lots...

Did you splotch ash on your forehead today?
I was in Washington, DC last year during one of the "slotch yourself with ash" days...
I pointed it out to three people on the street, walking to work, before I kinda clued the heck in.
oh man...

don't be afraid
just walk in
come what may

who you are
as you are
will be perfect

don't be afraid
just walk in
... and shine.

yeah, today was kinda great.
I liked today. :)

See you soon.