February 11th, 2010


Hello nurse

Lots if magazines...
Clearly a doctors office.
My hernia doc.
I have so seriously "no idea" about what to expect.
Oh look... Flare, from July. "165 summer buys under $100".
Dum di dum...

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Thursday, February 11

Sunny day.
Cold... because, like... it's February, right.
but totally sunny.

~ wore my lite purple shirt and tie
~ dark trousers...
~ k... despite actual work and working...
~ my brain was in the waiting room at the hernia docs office from the moment I woke up today.
~ by 11:00 my body had joined my brain. Got the first actual good news I've had in fricking ages.
~ went directly to the gym from the docs and did a cardio and some shoulder work.
~ starbucks moment...
~ back to work... totally getting stuff done at work. Things are moving so quick at work.
~ home to drive Ed to karate... eat McDeath with Geo ... get large fries for Ed and go pick him up, after karate.
~ home again... help Geo get dolled up for a school dance (semi-formal... :D) (see picture below)
~ drive him to school... drive him home and back to school again ... this time with his student id card...
~ home to feed Ed more food, make myself a giant smoothy and make a few calls.
~ now it's now. Hi. :)
~ for hisbeauty to get good results from the squish...
~ that there was a sneaky way to give her_whispers flowers... just for fun. :)
~ that weebsurfer figures out a way...
~ and that the_bean... figures out that the mush is forgets nothing. It comes back when you need it. :)

The State of corto. (an update)
So Doc Chop had received a note from my family doc.
He came through the door with a knitted brow and lots of concern.
However!!! (drum roll with growing smile on my face)
~ he gave me good news.
I'll spare some of the more gory details about how he checks this... (but, seriously, you would not believe...)
anyways... he pronounced to tear in any part of my ab-wall.
The blob bit that is still evident below the incision is scar tissue that has come away from the area that has now had two surgeries.
In his words, if I was "less slim" I would not even know this was there...
But it aches? ... yeah, its hard and pressed against the part of your ab that is still healing. Press on it, and it hurts.
But an actual hernia is a tear in the ab-wall that some intestine is poking though. intestine... soft... scar tissue... hard.
So... because I've been in such a panic, I've been overly cautious and pretty much let the actual hernia operation heal up really well.
He said with total confidence that I can go to the gym and do cardio and shoulder work.
In one more full week... I can restart all the other stuff I do in the gym... and in two more weeks I can do anything.
This made me sofa-king happy I went straight home and got my gym bag and went to the gym. :)
So now I'm going back to my doc to get pokey about this shingles diag from the clinic doc.
Still no rash... still wicked wicked wicked painful nerve area...
...and... lots of xrays and ultrasound for shoulder on March 9. Got appointment in nearby town's hospital. sigh.


~ his george'ness... he likes colours... really.

So, after the gym I went over starbucks to get myself and a co-worker a coffee.
Now... I understand that the idea is to make the customer feel good and be good baristas...
But ... I mean... when I ordered, all four of them came from what ever they were doing, over to say hi and ask how I was doing.
by name.
They rememberd I was away for the op, etc...
Wouldn't let me pay for coffee...
Lots of engaged chat, not just "hey" and back to work...
Smiled and wished me well as I took off.
Life is long with it's ups and downs
But stuff like that is a pretty powerful little up.
They are always so rediculously nice to me.
I want to think of something I can do for them...

~ k... long day.
I think I should have a quick word with the admiral.