February 9th, 2010


Tuesday, February 9

~ bang!!

I am being tested.

~ yeah... jeans, black tee, brown turtleneck
~ work... workworkwork...
~ today was "good karma" day, with taking eight co-workers out to really excellent Pho lunch and paying for it with the Hyundai finder'fee money.
~ and...there was enough left to pay the tiny bill for an IRDA/BlueTooth adapter (9$) and a set of Wii Component cables (4$) and my share of shipping (group purchase with co-workers).
~ go to do mid afternoon. sigh
~ home now... getting ready to make dinner...
~ play with cool little IRDA / Bluetooth adapter thingy for the home theater pc... so fun. Going to program the harmony to control the computer too. :D :D
~ yeah... a bit introspective right now...

So last night... I was kinda "going over" the issues.
I kept coming back to the pain in my side... the doc thought maybe an errant elbow in the night?
Feel the ribs... pushing hard... no pain.
Pinch the skin, dig for muscle bits... no pain.
Now... put left hand on right outter rib cage,
Bend over... way over... bend knees, extend right arm up.
This is pretty much what I look like, except on my side, when I sleep.
Remember the left hand? It was on pain free ribs a minute ago...
Now it's over this patch of flesh that has been connected to an open circuit powered by the blasting center of a white hot star.
This made no sense to me...
Except ... this was very repeatable and definately not ribs or muscle.

Anyone? Anybody got this yet?

So I go to the doc today.
I watch an entire episode of Burn Notice on my iphone waiting in the walk-in clinic where my regular doc works.
When I see the doc... I explain.
She takes a good look... and we ... test out the open circuit thing.
We review my recent history... operation, hernia, panick stress about hernia, shoulder, work, ...
Then she comments... "so... you had chicken pox when you were little...."
"Zoster" she announces. With a great deal of confidence.
aka: Shingles.
That open circuit is the nerves in that specific spot.

... breath.

No rash yet... so, she could be wrong.
But she doesn't think so.
She expects the rash any day now and when it hits...
I have 72 hours to get to the doc, get a 'script and take this particular anti-viral.
And I should be... hopefully... sorta... ok by mid-march.
And... I am not all enjoying the reading about this rash.
Open circuit baby...
Open circuit.

So yeah...
I am being tested.
~ there is a silver lining to be found inside every challenge.
The trick, of course, is to find it.
My eyes are open.

~ love.
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