February 8th, 2010


Monday, February 8

So... cold, but it's February.
None of the evil snow-badness that is sweep other parts...
sooooo... I guess it's all good. Weather wise.

Today was ... something else entirely.
And by "something else", I am not necessarily drawing sympathetically on the "all good" recently attributed to weather.
No no no.
This "something else"... stands alone.
Today was singular in it's "something else'ness"
More on that in a moment...

~ made good with the nice clothes on a monday. :)
~ beige and purple ...
~ oh and I totally detailed my unpenny'ed loafers last night.
~ was thinking I was going to be making slide decks and briefing notes all day.
~ this totally never happened... only because I was ridiculously busy all day
~ trip to the doc for 1:45 and back to the office by 3...
~ chicken and garlic&thai shrimp... sooo good... cooked till the wee edges of the shell'ed shrimp get crispy
~ now it's now and I'm looking at tax stuff... well, after this stuff... :)
~ that balljar gets over the advil-moments...
~ for chiropteraclan's lil Fiona to hurry up and get better... :)
~ to smile about laperleprofonde's good fortune
~ and that zaxwrit would just cut her hair already... chop chop... it'll come back if you miss it. :)

Ok... total health update.
Upon review, you may be moved to use the word pathetic.
This is your choice. ;)
The fun, as they say, never stops.
I saw the doc today and bowled her over with questions and problems.
~ shoulder... tendinitis was her word, but I'm booked in for a whack of new images and seeing a doc at this sports-med clinic. Expecting cortisone to play a role in all this... I need relief. Lie on sore arm... it frigg'en hurts. Lie on other side... sore arm hurts for "dangling". Lie on gut? no no hernia op... Lie on back? Practically die from sleep apnea issues. (Or, so says the rest of the family.)
~ doc books me in to the sleep clinic for an apnea test.
~ doc gives me a shit load of samples of Axert and Maxalt (new migraine meds)
~ I explain about how I literally was jolted awake at 4 this morning when I moved onto my side and a rib felt stabbing bad. It's totally "right there..." point-to-able. She figures... hard-core-elbow-jab-in-sleep. lol... but frig.
~ and then the kicker... "So Doc..." I say, "I see Hernia Doc on Thursday. I'm pretty sure somethings' wrong."
I start to 'splain and while we lift shirt and lower pants she begins saying stuff about how "well the mesh is bound to feel..."
And she feels along the new scar tissue line... no pain, no problem.
"So..." says I, "what's that... below the scar?" and she feels it...
AND TOTALLY MAKES a surprised O face.
"Incomplete repair" was her phrase.
Bottom Line: There's a new hernia right fucking below the one that was just repaired.
seriously... wtf?
Our cruise is in a month.
Oasis of the Seas... !!

I am officially heading over to "Smile and make the best of it" land.
Expect slightly manic levels of positive energy.
I will find things that make me happy and fucking eat them.