February 6th, 2010


three of my favs from a while ago... :)

tummy bathed in morning's light
warm fingers clutching covers tight
your gaze is a symphony of silent thought.

reclining in the shadowless day
busy hair absently brushed away
your lap, a loving playpen for tiny fingers.

the many colours of sunset
lonely eyes, reflecting and wet
your grateful hands clutch letters like covers... tight.

walking in the night's tapestries
bare feet step between memories
your dream is a mosaic of drifting moonlight.


When your view
extends behind,
I think it is better,
that you should find
you have been taken advantage of
and have not been taking.

Surely to feel the fool
is less of a burden...
than forever cruel.


The world of her love hides behind the curtain of my eyelids
Her sweet voice replaced by the intrusion of beeps
That draw me up from the pool of her embrace
Only to leave me gasping for breath
Struggling to find the real world
And trying to find focus on the red digits
That flash noisily before my still sleeping eyes
Gone, again, until a passing day lets my heart look
Once more for the mental caress of hands that pull me
A mouth that opens and breaths pure love across my heart.


yes, they're retred posts
but I miss them and wanted
them to see some light again. :)
I especially like the motherhood one.