February 3rd, 2010


Wednesday, February 3

I've no clue what it was like out today...
Drove to work in a mental fog, worrying about a document thing for work...
Made my nose happy at work. I am constantly made sad by the lack of women wearing lovely scents ...
but maybe that's why I dig it so much when I get ... whiff. :)
(sorry... there's no really way to talk about smells that doesn't seem like it's inches from being kinda icky. )
ar ar ar... :)

I was all about my desk today. So busy. :(
HOWEVER... absolutely no pain that I had to blame on going to they gym yesterday.
That makes me very happy.
So back to gym tomorrow. :) (and yes, my little-c... I'll be careful. Promise!!)

~ beige trousers... I've lost like six pounds since the operation. Pants need the belt. :(
~ and yeah, I'm all about pj pants for the evening.
~ oh, and I wore my brown argyle sweater for argyle wednesday
~ wednesday madness...
~ in pretty early... get a best-practice doc submitted...
~ print up a file full of reports... and do the "wednesday meeting" (another awesome turn out and ... well, I'm just kinda jazzed that this group is working out so well.) :D :D
~ actually FINISHED a second BP doc, minutes, several quick meetings and ... just kinda rocked my wednesday.
~ made vast dinner... salmon for bfl girl... mixed veggies and made chinese fried rice (I make really really good fried rice!!)
~ thai chicken and bean sprouts for Ed, Geo and I... :)
~ to send some warm vibes to innerly for her to share with her family...
~ that canuckgirl finds that good deads are rewarded in kind. :)
~ and to send some smiles to little miss knocked-up (aka nerdular).

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my favorite "william" (aristophren). May there be answers and solutions in the year ahead.

My aunt Anne passed away today.
She lived a long and not too easy life.
Rest in peace. I hope you're with your Anya now and maybe even smiling. :)

so just so we're clear...
People who watch the news and decide the Canadian Seal Hunt is horrible,
Are people who are being manipulated.
It's not a good thing to be manipulated like that.
Look at the leather straps on your totally bitch'en shoes.
the cow that died for that strap... was hit in the forehead with a massive hammer
and if it didn't die right away... no matter. It was piled up with the other mostly-dead cows
And skinned, boned and turned into burgers, etc.
Your chicken dinner... dude... the way they raise and kill chickens would make your skin crawl.

The fact is that killing animals is a grizzly process.
We humans have been doing it for ... well, for ever.

And if you take a good look at the Canadian Eastern Seaboard
you will see devistated economies, broken lives and desperate poverty.
Because the overpopulation of seals in the Canadian north have devistated the cod stocks (let alone other fish stocks).
Kiling seals is not only about making lovely fur coats.
Even thinking that this is maybe possibly sorta the reason for the seal hunt... is exactly what the manipulators want you to think.

There are a lot of things to be upset about in the big world... and people are generally oblivious to them.
But they have time to be manipulated.

I kinda want to go to quebec city...
just so I can hug a little bowl of sugar that lives there.
I'm even pretty sure her girl-friend wouldn't mind. :D

hey, so my hernia op thing... is doing really good.
I can "feel" deeply into the spot and literally push-down to feel the area that was operated on... feel the scar tissue inside
and doing that doesn't hurt.
If I had ... you know, over-done it, or lifted something too heavy during early recovery, etc... it would hurt to do that "push" thing.
[:: Here's a picture of it...right now :: ]
~ note the pj pants. :)
So, yeah... I'm jazzed that things are going well. :)

~ see ya soon.
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