January 21st, 2010


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Ah see, my shoulder is getting sore... So the codine is wearing off again. My op just generally feels bad, butvonly hurts when engage my ab... Like a sneaky, tiny cough totally stops the universe... But when I sig still I won't notice it. I guess I'm kinda waiting as long as possible between pain meds. It's not the codine fog I'm worried about... It's the internal food processor that totally has me concerned... I'm already crampy... and, yes, I'm taking something for that too.., la la la
Time for more meds.

I know I know... But it's the "big thing" in my world right now... So I just keep talking about it. :)

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Hard core TMI - but its my journal so wtf - you've been warned.

The absolute worst part of a hernia operation - from the pain perspective - has got to be first post op crap. After a cramp tastic night that must surely rival, at the least, modest labour pains, I am most relieved to say many moans and a rolled up bath towel pressed against my gut finally gave way to a world class, bowl filling, toilet plugging, death-by-scent-creating poop.

And there was peace once again in the land.



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1/2 banana
1 kiwi
4 frozen strawberrys
1/2 cup of fresh blueberrys
juice from a miniola
sillouette peach yogurt
1 egg
~ much blending and crunching.

Very delicious. :)

Thursday, January 21

K... so today is a good day.
Last night was all about the cramp
and this morning was all about the crap...
But then there was a shower (cool bandaid, seals area...)
And a day of being sloth like.

Oh, and while I feel much improved...
It looks infinately worse.
no pictures. it's evil.
I am black with one giant bruise...
And ... I seriously need to keep icing things...
But as I said... feels better. :)
edit: Ok...so I just coughed. This was followed by several prayers for death,
and the realization that I've let the pain-med schedule slack.

There was sunshine today.
I wish I was walking through it...
But all I did was look at it. :(

~ ug... pj pants, long sleeve warm...
~ again... NOTHING.
~ I watched four episodes of Defying Gravity and an epi of Californication... eyeballs rolling into back of head... zzzzzzz
~ that weebsurfer and family enjoy the new santa fe...
~ for brak55 to not sell himself short...
~ that canuckgirl finds her Spamalot
~ and that you go read raylenetaskoski's post [:: here :: ]

Can I just say... Windows 7 was not your idea.

when I look into your eyes
I feel like I see all of you.
it's wonderful.

~ day three approaches.