January 17th, 2010


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The Universe In His Hand
(aka Embracing The Infinite)

He, in his science, cannot reach beyond the measure of his arm.
Yet the form and measure of our universe flows from his thoughts
To his pen and then the papers that surround him.
Confined though he may be, when he collects his thoughts,
He holds the universe in his hand.

She, in her torment, will love only as she should
While passion and expression heave against a dull, painted wall.
Her heart knows no boundary and her love feels no limit,
Confined though she may be, when she collects her thoughts,
She is embracing the infinite.

Sunday, January 17

Well it was nice this weekend... I don't remember the sun but I do remember that it wasn't freezing. :)
I did my give with this years charity.
"Ontario March of Dimes" (provides gear and support to folks with disabilities)
I did a "portion" of our street... door to door canvassing for support.
Boy you see all kinds.
:D Raised a bunch.

~ skinny jeans... white tee... on-and-off with the big hoody. :)
~ wicked day... lots of today. :)
~ up at 9... at starbucks with Ed and Suz by 10:15... at the AMC by 10:30...
~ despite these time points... we still ended up in the second freaking row, watching Avatar at 10:50. Still awesome...
~ home to set off on chores... cost-co to return Wii Six ... visit Futureshop to bug 'em about Wii One and how long it takes to repair and blah blah and... oops... they don't even have one in stock. :( Dude said come back later in the week. :) So Wii Seven is out there... somewhere...
~ Loblaws for lunch meat, fresh garlic and something for a nice late night TV snack (z's BFL Free Day)
~ home to sort out making amazing dinner. Fresh squash, Cauliflower, Carrots, rice and perfect little garlic-butter stuffed, breaded and baked chicken breasts (Chicken Kiev). Oh, and brownies for dessert.
~ watched "How I Met Your Mother" with dinner. :)
~ deploy a Robot.
~ serve great meal... clean it all up, make coffee, wave to the kids as they head down to the play room to WoW and Dr.Who themselves for the evening...
~ and now it's now. There's a giant laundry bin full of my whites (bottom) with my actually-go-in-the-dryer colours. (the rest of the colours are happily hanging in my closet). I shall attend to this later. ( best part of doing your own laundry... no sorting out who's is what!!!)
~ all the best to redfenix with FoD's release!!! :D
~ to give a pretty serious High Five to hisbeauty...
~ for razzberee... to make her fortune... just don't get high off on your own supply...
~ and to thank militantmomma for sharing. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to arlyn... so many years sugar. :D :D May the year ahead ... bring you the posture you deserve ... in the unfolding saga.
And a quiet little happy birthday to a quiet little txgirlie. Be well sugar.

got my hair cut.
pretty kelly asked me if I was scared (about tuesday).
Told her i wasn't.. I'm not. Seemed funny that she asked though.
The thing about Tuesday... It's weird to lay there and know that you're going to blink...
and suddenly you're going to be in loads of pain, headache, jaw ache (regardless of how many times I tell them to be careful of my jaw... they always fuck it up) and have no choices in life except laying back to heal.
It's not scary or really-painful... It's just a big goofy drag.

Having a Ray Bradbury moment...

~ da'ya see that? Up in "planning"? You gotta know I totally enjoyed typing "deploy a robot".
hahahaha... :D
His name is Dexter.
iRobot "rumba". :D
He rests quietly on his charger, off in the corner. He is wicked cool.
Did a good job... and Dex managed to vaccuum UNDER the sofa.
All the while I keep laughing either from watching Purrrcy eyeballing Dexter...
Or because I keep remembering dolt-dad on Modern Family saying...
"... after 20 years? A five function, fully articulating robot... that can read my mind."
la la la... :)

Feel a bit like a Vogon Constructor Fleet Ship Captain...
posting a bit of [ :: poetry::] and wondering what you think.
Fortunately, nobody gets ejected into space.

~ yes... I read that. And we'll be doing some talking tomorrow. (smiles)
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