January 15th, 2010


Thursday, January 14

~ picture from this morning... in turtleneck... goes! just as soon as I can get upstairs... !! (ick!)

So Dr.Feelgood (physio dude) made a compehensive assessment...
and pronounced me stupid.
But not devistatingly stupid.
This is good.
At issue is the difference between "hurt" and "harm".
I have hurt... re-hurt my existing injury, interupting the healing with a bout of inflamation, strain and fatique.
But I have not caused new harm... if I can get the inflamation down and take it easy....
It all stems from a specific gym related "straw" that broke the ... well, you know what I mean.
When you use strength in your hand, while your hand is behind your hip... you use the exact muscle I am slowly repairing.
I tried a bench squat ... hands on bench, behind your back, facing away from bench, legs extended, lower yourslef and raise yourself up again.
exactly the worst thing I could possibly have done.
so this is totally my own damn fault.
frustrating, but I'll deal. :D

Oh, and the kids are hotly anticipating a snow day tomorrow because the weather folks are totally calling for overnight freezing rain.
Big time freezing rain means the schools will be open but the buses will not run. (they will not take the risks and I'm not complaining).

~ jeans, brown turtleneck. :)
~ work is a wurl-wind... seriously. Loads going on. and, btw, I'd love to blather on about what actually goes on, but I know some demonic spirit would swoop down on me ... gah.
~ started my day with a very early start... and managed to be a smartypants with Lists
~ brought my gym bag (Plan B)... but managed to get Plan A to work out... so I spent the lunch hour at the physio therapists... I have had literally hundreds of accupuncture needles slipped into me ... and today was the first time one actually hurt like a mutherfucker and made me yell. And I yelled. ;)
~ saw a man about a horse...
~ home to make an assortment of yummi dinners, hosting Corto's Diner again. Thursday's are like that, with z going to a dinner hour training session, I feed the boys something with four digits worth of caleries... and make lighter fair for us later. (Of course, I managed to some chicken fingers tonight. :)
~ then? Then I went for groceries!!! blarg. !! but I totally forgot that we needed perimeter groceries hard core... so off I went.
~ home by 9:30... kiss Ed goodnight, sorted out with clean ups and then watch Couger Town with Geo and Zee... Geo to bed... and ... presto.
~ somewhere around 11:30 I find myself ... relaxing. phew...
~ long ass day muchachos... long ass day. :D
~ that somebody at cynnerth's house learns to speak cat...
~ to congratulate kitiara ... on her amazingness... :)
~ and for some healthy vibes to wash over chiropteraclan's house. ;)

Advice, let alone criticism,
is a poor substitute for sympathy.

getting psyched up for the surgery...
arm/shoulder hurts like an sob...
work is absolutely full...
my physical health is ... awesome,
I haven't had a headache in weeks...
I have not enjoyed my work days this much in years...
my family is safe, healthy and happy...
and my home is bursting with love.
the scales are embarassingly tipped over to the Life Is Awesome side. :)

~ dum di dum... :)

Friday, January 15

No snow day. lol
Up and at'em with the boys and z and ...
Still managed to get to work early. :)

~ eh, skinny jeans.
~ but it was normal jeans, black tee, untuck blue button up shirt and a sweater...
~ K, it's crazy time at work as I ramp up everything to be sorted while I'm away next week.
~ I still have monday to finish up. :)
~ went to the gym with a few coworkers some friends...
~ (so flipp'en good for my spirit to do this... :D)
~ home to clean up the kitchen and get dinner sorted... cleaned up again...
~ and then a little z time and ta da... now it's now. And I'm typ'en on the sofa (thank you wifi)
~ watching something off the pvr later. :)
~ that canuckgirl doesn't hurt too much tomorrow...
~ for dawna to find a coping mechanism...
~ to tell kendokamel that it only takes one connection to keep you from vanishing and if all else vanishes...I will find you. :)
~ that pasticcio gets what she wants...
~ and for the_bean to get people to listen...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my little nutmeg. :) May there be sweet relief... and a happy little boy on this years path. :D

So I'm just say'en...
I am still riding this wave.
Despite the challenges... I feel wicked good.
I know I have a tendancy to crash from this kind of up...
But I also know, without a doubt, that this is the longest run in memory.
and I am not complaining.
btw... I blame my choices lately...
And I am thankful.

First time I've seen Steph since the comment.
From deep exertion in the middle of her training session,
She managed a nice smile and nod.
That dice roll ... was good. :)