January 12th, 2010


Tuesday, January 12

C-C-Cold today.
but there was sunshine at lunch and I went to the gym at lunch ...
So I got to be in sunshine for a breif moment.

~ K, so I wore the dark trousers...
~ and *gasp* the white-shirt, blue argyle sweater.
~ See, I figured it like this... I have the big meeting every wednesday morning. that crew have only seen me in the blue argyle sweater for the last half year... lol
~ and... side bonus... four people stopped... looked at me, looked down at their own shirts and said "wait... is it wednesday?" ar ar ar...
~ well... planned on having a great day...
~ had a great day...
~ so... boooya. :)
~ gave the inside of my car... a serious cleaning!!
~ that nosneros_h gets into the gift-card-giving spirit...
~ I could slip across the carpet and sneak up to nbbmom and zzzzzzap her.
~ that crushdmb could catch a break today...
~ and that odyssey_road finds an paint brush in her hand soon...

Being with someone who accepts you,
without judgement,
even if only for a short time...
is an impressive inspiration to improve oneself,

When I am done here... I will be filing my nails.
Somehow, they seem to magicallyt go from "Mildly in neet of maintenance" to "Grazelda Khan, Dragon Nail Lady of the Sun Chow Shrine" (or something) overnight.
They are currently ... actually... messing with my ability to type. lol. !!!!

Crayola Model Magic
You could rebrand the packaging,
quadruple the price...
and sell it as a "sculpt your own sex toy" product.

Have a great night muchachos... y muchachas... :D