January 11th, 2010


Monday, January 11

k... few minutes ago. In the room that the house designer thought was going to be a living room.
We put a door on it and called it a library... and now it's my "work" office.
Still a great sitting room... but a nice place to desk-up with my work-lap-top and do work-stuff.
Sadly... I haven't had many work-from-home days during this contract.
... but I'm not complaining.
no way, no how. :)
~ still likes work.

~ broke out a nice, older, tie for beige day. (that is to say... found an excuse to not wear my fav tie... which I've been wearing all the time... so...)
~ but yeah, it's all playstation tee and skinny jeans now...
~ busy day with work... lots of things going on... hard to keep track... bit stressful... aka: good times. :D
~ got to the gym (d'uh) and I was nice to my shoulder...
~ made rainbow trout for dinner.
~ about to watch chuck from last night... not sure if the season opener or last years closer... we'll see. :)
~ for twilightsm to get good news...
~ that dotcombabe (et. al.) doesn't float away...
~ that misskris knows where her blanket is...
~ and that the rewards are many ... in nosneros_h's world.

Birthday moments...
K, no seriously... dinkydo... you are like a movie. :) A very happy birthday to my own private movie star. :D Yet another year that I am fortunate enough to be able to wish you well on your day. :D I hope good things sneak up on you all year long. :D
And to the always lovely jenlovefl2003... happy birthday ya little trouble maker. :D ar ar ar... May this year prove to be an excellent beginning to a great decade in the life and times of you.

K... just say'en... the word "douche" has climbed up the great-word scale big time.
On the one hand... it's everywhere.
And B, it just feels so good to say... so many parts to stress or not-stress.
Wouldn't it be great, if we could see someone like Obama or (sigh) Harper call someone a douche?
That would totally seal the deal.

k, so I look at people at the gym.
I make no bones about watching what certain guys are doing in their workouts...
I'm keen to learn.
And regardless of my interest in the techniques I learn ... I'm still noticing women for all the cliché reasons.
again... without even a hint of shame. There are some amazing people in this gym...
Anyways... a half year ago I notice this girl starting up a "trainer" gig.
I'm useless with age guesses... but somewhere between 20 and 35 and if she's 25 she can kill me later... I have no clue.
But I did notice how out of shape she was...
Her training sessions are often around the time I'm in the gym, and I can't help but to notice her progress.
Today, I noticed she was stretching at the mats ...
So I went over to her and introduced myself... we unplugged our earbeads from respective gym-soundtracks,
And I said "I sure hope this comes out ok... I've noticed you with your trainer...
My wife has been on a trainer-gig for ages here and I really get how much work it is,
and I wanted to compliment on your achievements. You really look great."
(see how I got the hopefully disarming wife-bit in there early... :D lol)
Steph was well pleased. We talked for a moment and ... done. Back to the workout... back to the soundtrack.
She gave me a nice smile when we saw each other on the way out.
I kinda sheepishly said that I really hope I didn't come across badly... (my biggest fear in a moment like that)
She was very generous with assuring me it was all good and I got another smile.
a) I do this sort of thing ... not sure why... but you know it's almost a dice roll... so a little exciting.
b) I think it came across as a great moment in her day...
c) I have someone new to say Hi to at the gym. :)

As your fingers hover over "great way to get arrested"...
I remind you that if the whole world thought like that,
Nobody would say shit to anyone.
If I'm going to get in trouble...
I'd rather it be for saying something nice...
Than for being a douche.

~ gah... see how that all came together.

K... see ya.