January 10th, 2010


Sunday, January 10

~ just outside the front door. :)

So we wake up bright and early...
Well, I was up at 5... shoulder... KILLING ME...
And that's totally my own damn fault... pushing too hard last week.
But I can heal while I'm banished from the gym after the hernia op. (sigh).

Never-the-less... Geo up at 7:30 and we were on the road at 8:20.
Going to the britania yatch club to volunteer at the breakfast-club.
Cooking, serving, and stuff. Is fun.

Sadly... somebody had the wrong weekend on the schedule and a different team
was doing the breakfast-club this weekend.
We got the call ("Hi... you don't need to come, they have enough of their own people...") while we were driving.
la la la...

Making the best of it... Geo and hopped into the first diner we saw for a nice breakfast.
And because I am magically connected to endless small world moments...
There's one of my main client supers with her hubby, dad and two sweet little boys.
Geo and I then headed to the grocery store to load up, and then... ???
We went to the 10:30 AM showing of AVATAR 3D.
A) place was packed. Only two seats we could find were in row number 3.
B) didn't matter 'cuz it was awesome... and the 3d was super-super-cool.
C) did you catch the double super?
D) Loved the story. Loved the concept... loved the presentation. Edge of my seat, sweaty palms, happy, sad, excited and satisfied.

So fun.

~ eh.. jeans, and warm stuff. (bazzingly cold out there!)
~ well... to volunteer some time...
~ but ended up as a good ol'hedonist.
~ making prime rib for dinner. (in fact, I need to go put it in the oven soon!)
~ for escapeaverage to feel a little grace...
~ I knew if zaxwrit got all snazzed up for the firemen...
~ to thank gifgal for the timely moon info. :)
~ and for dotcombabe to find her groove.

what must it be like ...
to live in your day to day
as you do in your own time.
to not awake each day to the
prospect of slipping into yourself
to face the world...
and shedding it again upon your return.
Of course, there's the cliche questions of
which life is you and which is the mask.
But that's silly.
They are both you.
The challenge is to find your balance.
what must it be like...
to only have the one life,
and no need to find balance.

So Eureka had an earthquake.
Gotta say... I can't get past the name to worry about the quake.
I just keep thinking of different ways to tray and make a joke.

Its 4:30... I need to go cook. :)
see ya soon.