January 4th, 2010


Sunday, January 3

Hi... from my front hall. :)

It's been a long last-couple-of-days...
Yesterday was all about a headache and making the most of the day... despite the advil fog.
Today ... was just a totally lazy ass day.
Pizza for dinner levels of lazy.

And it's only 11:40 something...
and I feel dead.
So bed is calling me.

~ one of four pairs of pj pants... I have more pj pants than regular pants...
~ job jar cleaning... relaxing...
~ getting my head around the idea that I'm going back to work tomorrow.
~ I had posted this 6 minutes ago. (lol...)

Birthday moments...
Happy day-late birthday brak55... I hope you're having fun... that you were able to celebrate your day... and that the year ahead is a peaceful one. :)
A very happy birthday (today) to dawna... may the year ahead bring you really great reasons to smile... and thank you for always being ready to help.

So... Geo and two of his friends decide to go to see Avitar in 3d on Friday night.
7:00 pm showing. We drop him off at 6:30... we had bought the tickets earlier in the day...
Then we go get coffees and head to see Sherlock Holmes with Edward.
As our movie is in "coming attractions"... Geo texts... He and his friends... booted from the theater.
Their crime? Only single seats left, so they were sitting in the aisle - no can do... fire regs, etc.
So they kicked 'em out. Gave them passes... but a) It was not a nice "kick out". Kids don't treat other kids well in these situations. b) they didn't refund the EXTRA they had to pay to see the 3d version... and c) one of the friends couldn't find his stub... no pass for him.
I met them in the lobby... they decided to go to invictis (invictus?) ... they'd already seen sherlock. Other friend had to pay again. (no pass).
Alrighti... I'm good with them getting kicked out for sitting in the aisle... but the rest of it sucked.
So I popped in to the AMC on my Saturday grocery trip... to talk to whatever passes for a manager or crew chief.
Left with four passes and 10 "drink or popcorn" coupons. :D
I like free stuff.

I am looking forward to getting back to the office.

I do not understand the "mini pops".
You know... the little 10 year olds, dressed like bitches and pimps, karioki singing pop songs.
You turn on the tv... you're watching some normal show...
And on comes a cute little 10 year old girl singing about how if I liked it... I should'a put a ring on it.... and I'm like... "Liked what?... what are you implying?"
And little girls do not have ROCK MOVES... even if they think they're chanelling Pink.
I find the whole "mini pop" thing disturbing.

~ k... ni ni. :)

Monday, January 4

~ yeah... back to work... kinda turns you inside out!

yeah, today was grand. :D
how great is it that I get to enjoy going to work.
I'm feeling fortunate again. :)

~ Totally a Monday. :)
~ back to work... beige monday. Excellent tie. :)
~ catching up... setting priorities... and catching up with friends at work.
~ freely admits... that last bit... was the best part of my day.
~ gym at lunch... totally rocked.
~ meet a consultant at our house at 6:30 to review what it would take to install a tankless waterheater. Result: we will not be installing a tankless water heater.
~ now it's now... i's getting late and time to read with ed is quickly approaching.
~ I get a chance to tell pasticcio about the stuff she... uh... missed. :)
~ to send some very quiet little squishy vibes to sirenity...just 'cuz.
~ and to send an even quieter smile to nerdular

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday cerulean_me... If I could, I'd give you that massage myself. (I happen to think highly of my skills. :D). May this day bring you many simple rewards.
Happy birthday ventusfelina... I hope you have been able to celebrate your day... and that the year ahead finds you reaching your goals and taking the control you desire most.
and krzy... I know you're out there. :D Happy birthday sugar.

Oh the joy that is htpc cables purchased through amazon-dot-com.
Yup yup... my 25 foot hdmi cable arrived today. All 25$ worth of it.
This bodes well for my htpc plans... :D

Dear Moster Cable Co.:
Suck it.

I love moments at work (and there have been several over the last DECADE) when I find myself absorbing information from young geek god coworkers about home theater stuff.
Today's lesson htpc, upscaling, IR remotes and Wii hacking.

~ life is on one of those mad upswings of happy.
I shall endeavour to sustain it's awesome power. :)

See ya soon.