January 1st, 2010


Friday, January 1, 2010!!! :D

~ ok... I admit it... I was ET's finger-double.

So it's Twenty-Ten.
And you may ask yourself...
Is that corto person still here?
Is he still doing this?
Maybe he'll change that rediculous format ...
I mean, it's just something he copied from a long ago post by steph-the-punquin-cam-girl.
Or maybe he'll stop the mad vanity thing with the pictures.

And then you could answer yourself...
Yes, Yes, Nope, Tough, and don't be silly.
~ another year awaits.

Oh... and it snowed, like.. all day yesterday, all night and it's still snowing. Not blizzard snow... just... snowing.
Very bright outside. :D

We had fun last night.
District 9 was quite good. Very trippy...
We - the four of us - sat on the giant theater room sofa and collectively broke our faces laughing and screaming while playing Super Mario Wii.
That, a big fondu and a tiny little 200 ml bottle of sparkling wine was our new years eve.
It was great. :)

~ skinny jeans
~ threadless... (love threadless... support and sustain the awesomeness that is threadless...
~ taking down the tree... and packing christmas into three very large red and green tupperware-type chests.
~ dinner at my folks house...
~ y'all don't vanish.

So I go to the gym and start with a 16 minute cardo thing (cascades, my weight, level 14, climbs every few weeks... it's a bitch... love it...)
I use my iphone to watch a tv show while I zoom along on the cardio highway.
I watch various shows... but I admit that I have primarily... watched the collected episodes of gossip girl.
yes... I know.
Never-the-less... It works for me.
This being said...
Let me say this (and I'm only up to the lady gaga epi):
This show needs to develop any single one of the female roles towards someone you can feel something besides loathing for.
Sheesh... Serena is such an unbelievable hoe and what is she? thirty five?
Blair? Please... you'd feel like a pedo doing this nutjob-stuck-as-a-nine-year-old... but they insist on reminding us that she is bouncing on Bass.
Jenny could not possibly be a stupider little twat, and Vanessa should just drop the veil and show everyone her penis.
In fact... their super vilan, Georgina, is the only actually attractive one and they keep making her nuttier than the last time they let us see her.
And... AND.. Lily is a real live actual rich slut groupy that didn't die of an overdose... phew... what a role model.
The guys are not much better...
But at least there's Chuck. He's never pretended to be anything but his creepy self.
Pretty much the rest of them are pathetic. Erik? Erik is in grade two...why is he here?
Dan? Everytime I see him in my brain... the image gets overlaid by that guy from Napolian Dynomite...saying "idiot".
Rufus ... must have a hard life holding his head up without an actual spine,
And yeah, sure, Nate's a nice guy... so why do they make him look like Christian Bale about to axe someone to bits?
Ok... glad I got that off my chest.
Please move along... and pay no attention to the crazy man.

Dear Garnier:
Please go get in a shower and TRY TO OPEN
one of your bottles of Fructis shampoo.
Now hurry back to the drawing board and try that again.

~ see ya...