Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


::::::::::::::::::[end of day me]:::::::::::::::

long day... loads done... but mostly on the "self appraisal" thing the HR people want me to do.
It's really a pisser because I've not been properly appraised by a manager in like... 3 years...
Now it's somehow fallen to me to do it?
Yeah... well I keep marking my work "Excellent : Could not possible show greater improvement or professionalism" for EVERYFUCKINGTHING. :D

Send some good vibes out to laurel714... mmk. just 'cause...

Now it's time to go...
~ we'll see how the deck looks when I get home... but my papa's house comes first. :D


When I look into the sun
and then look away....

I'm lost to the path before me
but I never lose my way.

You are the light, we are the path
and our love will always draw me onward.

Life is funny sometimes... but living isn't always fun.
So... we invented friendship.
That always helps.

Later skaters..
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