December 27th, 2009


Sunday, December 27

~ cheers. :)
(with coffee, of course)

Geo is s'posed to be doing "moon observations" for science.
So, of course, it's been cloudy for days and days. :)

Geo is doing great... if not a bit irritated by the whole thing.
Ed is still riding the lego adreneline highway... mainlining lego like a bankrolled tube station junkie. (read: all good man... all good)
Suz and I are enjoying time off... an electric blanket... and not stressing about... anything. :)

~ life in skinny jeans... and a turtleneck.
~ well, didn't have plans...
~ but as it all turned out...
~ up early ... a few hours before the rest of the crew...
~ off the gym with suz after everyone was up and fed... :D
~ holy screaming leg muscles... wicked...
~ go to neighbors for a christmas drop in... half the hood was there... fun.
~ zoom to futureshop before they close... the get 40 bucks back on my mastercard 'cuz their boxing week flyer is advertising something I bought last week for ... 40 dollars less. (score).
~ nice dinner... made a nice creamed cucumber / light cheese sauce for the chicken.
~ now we're angling to settle in for a DrWho Orama. :D (End of Time, pt 1)
~ for evangelinaarion to have fun chasing the ink...
~ to say that kitiara makes a lovely shark...
~ for pasticcio to soak it all in...
~ and that the stars sometime soon align for chiropteraclan... and produce a real live vacation. :)

See, ok, so I scroll scroll scroll through Facebook.
A VAST MAJORITY of what slips by is either stuff about some farming game
or some kind of meme generated post with grayed out text scraped from a linked something.
From time to time ... a post slides past from someone that says something... worth reading.
From rare time to rare time... I forget myself and am moved to make a comment on one of these actual posts.
and then for the rest of the day I get emails with every other comment anybody makes on that post.
I waffle back and forth between feeling like a snoop and feeling like I want to hit facebook with a can of alpo.
Yeah... facebook.

This song...
~ total guilty pleasure. shhhh. :D

I will get what I want.
Any other conclusion ... would be admitting defeat.

~ oh look... the admiral.
dude... :)
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