December 21st, 2009


Monday, December 21

~ ahh... the awesome power of the turtleneck sweater. :D

We put our christmast tree up on the weekend. :D

Nice day... sunny... cold-as-hell, and not at work... so who cares... :D :D

~ hmm skinny jeans... pretty much all the time when I'm not working... that, or pj pants. :D
~ brown turtleneck! :D
~ go to gym... :D Shoulder's been sore... gym helps.
~ drive around pretending to shop with Suz... It's the first I've been able to "go with" on the xmas shopping zone... so ... I'm there. :D
~ pizza for dinner and relaxing lazy people all night.
~ suz is on a compressed training week... with a session... M, T and W!!! sigh. She'll be a freaking sore zombee by Thursday night. (The BFL thing is going great... :D)
~ to send big goofy smiles to evangelinaarion... mostly because she's so flipp'en adorable... but also because i like her hat. :D
~ for innerly to enjoy the movie with her little sugar-rina...
~ and for meekorouse ... to get over the cold. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday mellusions... May there be much yarn in your future... and I hope the year ahead brings you much to smile about...
And a very happy birthday to indianasweetie... likely gone to facebook. :) May you see yourself this year as others do. Even just a little.

Geo update...
He's great. He must (doc orders) not move his arm away from his chest - rotating out. But he can lift and lower his forarm and work his fingers and wrist.
He's opted to pull way back on the pain meds... (this is very good) and we're all settling into a christmas vibe.
Poor guy gets a bit sad from time to time... having some regrets and making unfillable wishes.
Alas... (earwax)
He will be all better in six weeks...
Or so the doc says.

I go in for a hernia operation on Jan 19. This will give me enough recovery time for the cruise in March.

So Suz and I are speeding through Wally-Land... checking out lego availability and prices - comparing to stuff we have already bought. If the price came down... I'd get the dif from Wally.
Anyways... we wander around in kind of single/over-the-shoulder file... and we are constantly making goofy comments to one another.
We were on our way to the cash... time to leave... zoom.
We pass the "poster area" and - of course - there are two diff Twilight related posters prominant.
I look down at Taylor Lautner as I walk past and begin an off-hand comment over my shoulder to Suz...
"I should tell people I was Taylor Lautner's butt double..."
And of course Suz stopped to look at something on a shelf AGES AGO.
So I sorta do a double take at the two women walking beside me... that have both stopped dead in their tracks looking at me...
I clearly have to pay more attention. :)


Survivor: watching Russel almost cry because he didn't win...
Was absolutely all the payback I could have asked for.
That's called Karma little Mr. Bad Buddha.