December 16th, 2009


Wednesday. December 16

It's 6:00... and the just rolled Geo in to the OR. :)

This is good.
Of course, the weather is still evil. It has been bad weather sconce he was hurt... it'll be lovely tomorrow. :)

~ it's Wednesday... d'uh.
~ quick show at work...
~ drive to CHEO
~ drive to hernia doc for a 2:45 apt.
~ back to CHEO
~ stay.
~ like u have to be told.... lol

~ I'll let u know how he is later :)

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2 hours...

"wire" thing is out...
They had to put in screws... That means cutting. :(
I'm heading home to collect Ed.
Suz is tucking in to spend the night with Geo.
Kinda waiting for the debrief from bone-man-Doc.

Thanks for all the love :)

Talk to you tomorrow

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