December 15th, 2009


Tuesday, December 15

A) Geo is going to be fine. He's been through a lot and a goodly bit of that based in a human fear of the unknown. But fine he will be.
B) Suz and I ... totally fine. I've had more than my fair share of broken bones... I grok all this... :)
C) Just say'en...

That being said... oh my gosh you guys rock. So many good vibes... Geo practically floats. :D

A tuesday like no other. :)
Never got anywhere near the office.
CHEO first thing...
All day...
Just got home... well, a little while ago.
And Geo still has not had an operation. :(
There is still a giant freaking, snapped off, humerus, all up in his shoulder.
More on that ... in a min.

Seeing as we had to drive clear across the city first thing in the morning and again around... say... "after work"... we got to enjoy cross-town rush hour traffic.
So, of course, the weather is all evil.

~ skinny jeans.
~ a knitted brow
~ and a warm sweater.
~ spend the day exploring a little slice of the medical system.
~ that ... oh please, please please!!!... that there is no sudden "rush of emergencies" tomorrow and my little Geo gets his fricken shoulder operated on...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a remarkable woman, wolfiegirl. May the year ahead keep you and your little family safe, happy and able to play poker. :D


This is the jumbled mess that will soon again be George's right shoulder.
See that "ball" shape in the middle?
See the long (coming from below) "bone" structure that ends ... behind the "ball"?
K... the long thing should be a lot lower and... attached to the ball thing.
And then all the bones that sorta "end" in that general area? should form a nice cage for the ball.
When this started... the "long thing" was ABOVE all the other stuff... very ick. :)

The last two days... of "hanging his arm with weight"... didn't do squat besides hurt like shit on a stick.
er... scuz my language.
Today they took more pictures, took off the weight "sling" and put on a "sugar sling" total coverage from wrist to shoulder.
And then this cool, loud talking, brush cut, and direct (we called him Doctor Sargeant) explained... "No way this gets sorted without an operation."
Then we met with a specialist...
They tried to get us in... Geo didn't eat this morning in anticipation... he fasted all day... waiting...
In the end... too many emergencies to get to his surgery.
So we come back tomorrow morning... and we wait again. :(

What they intend to do... is put Geo out completely,
then use this "high intensity imager" and manually guide the bones back into the right place (no cutting).
Then... when all is well... they insert wires (think "coat hanger") through the skin, between the muscles, and into a dowel hole through the bone and the ball (anterior head).
The wires ... stay through the skin.
A cast goes on... shoulder to hand, and no rotational mobility.
Wires poking out.
Three weeks down... wires out.
Three more weeks (six total).. cast off.
Only issue? If they can't "manually guide" the bones, they cut and cut muscle to do it. :(
More healing with that.
But the bottom line: he is going to be fine. Just a little drama to get through.

A lot of firsts going on here.
Firsts for him... firsts for us.

We live.
We learn.
We love.
And then we live some more.