December 14th, 2009


Monday, December 14

Today was cloudy... cold... and I'm not sure... because the weather wasn't important enough to stick in my memory. :)

~ yeah... monday.
~ beige trousers, the light tiny striped shirt
~ and the purple tie...
~ gah... well, go to work... work work work... gym... work work... go home, see George. sigh.
~ brought kifli for the bake sale and another tin to bring suck-up-cookies to several layers of management and friends. :D
~ awesome gym. Just... freaking... love... the gym.
~ for tomorrow to be a sweet occasion for sodiumbisulfite
~ that the future holds wonderful present-wrapping memory making moments for nutmeg
~ and for pasticcio to enjoy rolling those R's. :D

Do you have any idea how freaking much the talking heads and disembodied voices from news-media-mountain are about New Years Eve?
They have been waiting nine years ... so they can stop saying "thousand".
January first... it officially becomes "twenty-ten".

So the story of Geo. :(
(Thank you for all the support was very heart warming)

My little guy became a bit of a statistic yesterday.
On day two of the ski season, he lost control when he went off a "box" in a mini terraine park on his snowboard.
He landed on his shoulder, coming over his back...
The ski-partol diagnosis of a dislocated shoulder not-with-standing,
The impact snapped the anterior head off the humerus, and (ug) pushed the broken humerus up into the shoulder area.
The skin did not break (imagine the pressure!!!) and it just looked like a dislocated shoulder.
Right shoulder - Geo is left handed.
I drove him from the hill to the closest hospital, where they were able to administer some pain meds (strong stuff)

And then they were able to take some x-rays.
(after cutting his nice West49 sweater off... !! I got the ski jacket off unscathed!!!

All... pretty much immediately. No waiting.
So... the x-rays made it obvious that this was not a dislocate, but a total fracture.
Next up was packaging Geo up for a trip in an ambulance to CHEO.
(during which, btw, his IV came OFF his line and he flipping bled all over the place before anyone noticed - he was fine, but... gah!!!)

I drove to CHEO, which took forever because - of course - mommy nature decided to have a snow storm.
They had him in more x-rays right away... so I arrived half way through that.
These were x-rays requiring the services of three grown men... because ... they had to straighten out part of the arm...
Geo was not happy. Doc said he didn't yell... but the look in his eyes when they were rolling him out... ack.
Then they put a heavy plaster cast on his forarm, slug from his hand to his neck.
To create downward pressure on the shoulder.
More pain meds...
and then more x-rays... "hanging the arm down" (using the cast to drag bones into position).
The problem is... if the broken humerus wont come back down enough to re-align with the anterior head...
They have to operate and likely put in pins.
If the bones align... they may be able to promote non-surgical healing for this.
After that... at like... 8:00 pm... we were done and they sent us home with a 'script for hard-core pain meds.
And we go back tomorrow morning ... possibly to find out about the need for an operation.
So his totally broken shoulder is ... uncovered, no shirt, no wrap, no cast... just there... bruised and ug!!
Arm is still in a cast, in a sling.
Now you know. :)

There was a seventy - 7 0 - car pile up on a local highway in the fog this morning.
That is one seriously crappy way to start a work week right before christmas.

~ K... time to bring my little soldier some pain meds before the last ones wear off.