December 11th, 2009


Friday, December 11

~ I'm start'en to feel christmassee...
I think that means I have to start making kifli. :D

Nice day... I'm pretty sure it was windy and cloudy... mostly...
but all I'm sure of ... is that it was cold.
Geo's all about going the ski hill this weekend.
So I'm driving one way bothdays... friends dad is driving the other.
I think I'll see if Ed will come with for Sunday morning...
We'll see. :D

~ jeans, red tee and this nice red shirt... cool fabric...
~ but I did also find it seemed to make the most of any cold air it could find.
~ I will now call it my nipple shirt.
~ a good day. !!
~ lots done at work...
~ got to the gym...
~ my ride home... often includes a long espresso from the drive through window at bucks, guilty pleasure music and a nice zen like preperation for making dinner, etc.
~ I enjoy my short commute home.
~ no plans tonight... maybe watch survivor from last night...
~ a very heartfelt wish for annietopia to get only good news.
~ that myclevername gets to wear that vibe for a good long time...
~ and to squeeze jloopy for a little while.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to Christine (chiropteraclan.)
May your hands someday find my back (ar ar ar) and truly...
may the year ahead bring you ... closer to things that will make your heart sing.

happiness is not a drug you take
or some kind of tender gift you receive.
happiness is a fire hose you spray out all around you.

If a random guy steels himself to politely compliment a stranger on her good looks
and she smiles, says 'thanks' and appears genuinely pleased...
Whom do you think came away from the encounter feeling more fulfilled?

~ k... time to see if Ed and Suz want to watch Survivor. :)