December 9th, 2009


Wednesday, December 9

So, I wake up at 5:50 to listen to the disembodied voices talk about stuff before the news starts.
I want to know about the buses.
And the first thing I hear is catholic school board buses are out but everythingelse is a go.
So I wake up Geo... who is wwwway not happy about this...
and I gather up clothes for Ed... and then the radio chimes in with a revised story.
Official snow day status achieved.
Everyone back to sleep! Stat! :)

Get up at 7:00, work at 8:30 and home again by 5:30
With a stop at Future Shop to use my jedi powers.
Giant chicken-on-a-salad bowls for dinner. :)

~ argyle wednesday... what can I say...
~ something works... i stick with it. :)
~ to drive slowly... well, mostly... but come on... i didn't shell out for snow tires so I could crawl.
~ wednesday. Strange day. I'm swamped and I'm getting there... I just wish I was further along, so it's off-putting.
~ ack... no gym today. no point in driving...
~ belax tonight... beee lax!
~ that evangelinaarion chooses well... human or hoard.
~ for things to warm up for pageeater...
~ that I could visit hisbeauty on baking day...
~ to just send some lj love out to suburbiadaze... for no reason.
~ and to give my distant lil'c (carorules) a very long distance hug.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a long long time lj friend, krizsa. We even ate exotic animals together once... :D May the world that surrounds you, bring you pretty things to look at. :)
And happy birthday to fallingforward ... a real superhero... prol'y owns a cape... :D May you be holding good love close at hand. :)

Worship only works...
If there is adoration.
Without it... well, it's kinda creepy.

ah yes... music play list shuffle... a wonderous invention.
how else could I have ended up car-dancing to Smart Bomb by Chumbawumba on the drive home. :D

So I go into futureshop tonight on the way home from work...
(they let us out a bit early because of the snow)
I get sorted on a couple of quick gifts that I know I need to grab...
and then start talking "ear buds" with sales guy.
Now I could go on and on... but the very short version of the story is,
they handed me a new pair of 70$ jvc buds to honour some old agreement I was guilting them out about. :D
~ go me. :)

k... see ya?


LJ Support Question:

See... I've needed lj support... once! in nine years.
So... I have no clue.

A friend has managed to lose his LJ password
(price you pay for clicking "remember password"... which should say "click here to ensure you forget your password". :D)

Never-the-less... forgotten it he has.
He tried plenty.
He emailed support twice...

What should he do?
Whom might he contact for expeditious help?