December 8th, 2009


Tuesday, December 8

~ k... vanity says ug, I hate this picture, however
this picture includes the pineapple... before.
Things have gone rather badly for the pineapple, since then.
It is now they, and they are all in a bowl of my choosing.
For I am Pineapple Slayer...
Bringer of the mighty chop.
Dicer upper ... of the juicy bits.
... and ... I have nowhere to go with this.
~ it is yummy though. :D

Cold... sunny at times... but mostly, a day filled with meterological anticip....pation.
All the talking heads and disembodied voices washing over us on the omni present airwaves...
have been talking about tonights... tomorrows... storm.
Loads of lj friends have already had it... and it's on it's way here.
So what happens?
Kids come home from school with "the teacher says it's prol'y going to be a snow day tomorrow..."

Let it be said: There are far too many snow days.
I realize it's about zero tolerance of school bus accidents and insurance policies...
But for cry'en outloud... it's only frick'en snow.

Never the less...
Tomorrow is awash with promise for fun weather, crappy traffic, minimum staff.
And it's a wednesday... so no matter the weather... I'm in to the office. :(

~ today was show'n'tell day,
~ so I wore the light purple shirt and purple tie.
~ I get compliments on it, so I dig it.
~ I'm easy that way. :)
~ getting reports ready all morning...
~ zoomed to the gym early...
~ heading downtown to the clients admin offices...
~ do a show for a room with fifty plus people... the official "big ass" boardroom.
~ I think it went great... but they were stone cold ... the lot... well, save a couple...
~ so it was hard to tell if any messages were getting through.
~ lond drive home... Sentators play at home tonight.
~ and now... Ed's asleep... and geo's about to go to bed...
~ then ... maybe dexter? depends on zee... she's at her sis's house with a gang doing an "ornament party"...
~ at least that's what she called it... ar ar ar... no, really they all bring these nice, wrapped, christmas ornaments.. etc.
~ for a sweet friends' little E to get better soon, and to give his mom a gold star.
~ that kitiara manages to get warm...
~ for zaxwrit not to go too Jeremiah Johnson...
~ and to smile to myself about how fun it is to have galebird's story to follow. :D

The first thing they asked Tiger Woods' Mother in Law when they brought her into the emerg this morning?
"Mam? Are these bright red putter-head tattoos new?"
~ you know at some point Tiger's going to remember that he can buy a city, and go live there.
~ I'm surprised he's been as reserved as he's been... and I'd wager there's a few busted graphite shafts in his recycle bin.

It bothers me a bit to listen to the Canadian olypic teams
talk the quadra-annual big talk of "we're going to win it all".
and, of course, they don't.
But they do great... IMHO... medals and records and wonderful pride.
And there's the big talk make all they achieve seem like not-enough.
and it's silly.
It almost sets people up for the sport canada funding arguements that generally follow every olympics.

~ alrighty... time to get a snack. :)