December 6th, 2009


Sunday, December 6

ah yes... how the passage of time marks it's passage. :)
If you look close, you can see groovy little head moles.
Got a hair cut yesterday... took both boys... three cuts.
We've got a chop shop we all-three like and this is good!
My rule-of-thumb is that as soon as I feel like my hair is looking 'combed-over' ... it's chop time. :D

I think the weather was really nice yesterday.
But it was a busy day ... up super early and just gett'en stuff done all day.
A little shopping with zee before dinner...
Oh, and we all laughed a few really good laughs at SNL.

~ warm stuff... hoodies, comfy jeans
~ so yeah, a grand morning... waking up on the right side of everything.
~ ran some errands, including perimeter groceries...
~ rescure zebra at cost-co (see below)
~ home with some prezzies to stash...
~ work on more christmas lights... put in some timers (noma block heater timers!! score!)
~ it's a bfl free day for zee so we had chicken kiev for dinner. :D
~ wash floors with z after dinner and ... now it's now... just sorta relaxing...
~ zee and ed are making a christmas cookie house thing....
~ amazing race awaits our pleasure. :)
~ to hold onto the emotional pathways that lead to happiness
~ to banish the ones that make me frigg'en mental. :D
~ for anfractuousity to rid herself of the bestbuy demon
~ that zaxwrit enjoys the calm zone...
~ and that sodiumbisulfite enjoys the ride.:)

So... you are way better off trying to teach a close and wonderful friend how to appeal to you in the sack...
Than you are expecting some joker who is great in the sack to become a close and wonderful friend.

Perimeter gorceries... :)

Then my phone rang... z was in cost-co and had lost her (*gasp*) little black book... her little'book'oh'everything'christmas.
I could hear it in her voice. :)
I finished groceries quick and zoomed over to cost-co and met her chatting up a greeter asking if "anyone hands in a ..."
Poor sugar...
We went a'walking... I picked up the things I needed at cost-co... we ran into a coworker from client land... got to meet her little boys...
Then I kinda found the book in the outter pocket of one of her green-grocerie-bags...
oh there was much joy in cost-co-land.

preparing to play with windows 7 media that quietly appeared in my mail box (ups thing for the computer we bought geo just before win7 was released. :D)

See ya.