December 4th, 2009


Friday, December 4

You see that?
That, my friend, is streaming sunlight. :)
The day stayed mighty sunshiney and nice ... although it's late and dark now... and I think it's cloudy.
But it was a beautiful start to the day and the trip back and forth to they gym at lunch was ... sunny. :D

May I just say...
The news OVERLOAD about Tiger and his busy penis...
The way they describe the re-written pre-nuptual agreement,
Screams that he is buying renting his wife...
2 million for every year you stay in the relationship.

~ friday... jeans and a faker shirt. :)
~ well... today was a great day.
~ loads of work done
~ gym ... with co-workers... nice. :) (that's five days this week. fucking awesome... body feels so good!!! :D)
~ going to my Dads house tonight... it's his 80th birthday. :D I made this big ass cake last night... but didn't take pictures...because I think it's f'ugly. :D but it will (as they say) taste wonderful.
~ to find my way back to the place I need to be, lest my feet forget how the path from lack of use.
~ that my friends in Houston... would settle down, and stop your snow-whining. :D
~ for my sweet friend, canuckgirl, enjoys her weekend. :D :D
~ and for suburbiadaze ... to break the cycle and make cabo a love story. :D LOL. :D :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Chris...(c). I always knew you'd be busy getting famous. :)
Happy birthday you old dog... er.. .(robont). May there be something new to discover in the world around you.
and happy birthday John...(weebsurfer) oh co-worker dude... :D I hope you have a nice weekend with the family and find your way to a tin with the teal colour around the rim. :)

You already know the answer to the question
It's just... it's just that you need someone to ask it.

It seems I am Crisis Boy...
It's funny how I seem to attract the friendship of peeps that are in crisis and need to talk.
... and how they are no where to be seen when all is well.
sorta like a... "Foul Weather Friend".
fortunately I've made some friends who break the mold.
friends that offer genuine friendship and enjoy receiving the same in return.
what a wonderful feeling. :D

I love you.
Always forever.
Near and far.
Pushing together.
I will be with you
I will do for you.


:) Time to go. :D
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