November 25th, 2009


Wednesday, November 25

Yeah, so rain... kinda cold, but dude... it's going to get soooo much colder ...soon.
It's almost December and it's still green. They're calling for another warm spell but not till it snows next week. :0
Snow tires? Check!!!! :D

It's the whole, pitch black by 5:00 thing... such a buzz kill.
I'm glad I go to the gym at lunch... at least I see some day-time. :)

~ er... yeah, argyle wednesday...
~ wednesday ... I blink, it's over. So busy... :)
~ gym... and I have to say, I'm getting a little tired of this sore shoulder thing... like, any time mmmk?
~ crap.
~ hey, good mind numbing sit-coms tonight. :D (modern family and cougar town. :D)
~ for the godess of patience to find her way to cynica... or should that be tolerance?
~ to smile and wave at Dave... er.. inspectorjury... and remind him to CHECK THE TANK! :)
~and to cheer for ninneviane... and it's not a small victory. The word you're looking for is "tactical!" ... a tactical victory!! :D

Dear Canadian Government:
It makes you look bad... kinda stupid for thinking we're all that stupid... actually... for you to continue this shocked expression of theoretical deniability over this torture thing.
You have no problemo letting a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD CANADIAN get tortured in Git-Mo and you've already admitted to being concerned about Afghan detainees being tortured after handing them over to the "afghan authorities" ... I remember the news items last year. So no big surprise it happened more than you let on. Um... I mean, it was you guys that used the rediculous word pairing "Afghani Authorities" as if that blatantly corrupt, warlord driven backward-ass, bomb blasted arm pit of humanity actually has any claim to legitiamte authority figures, let alone armed security forces. And here you are... trying to tell a senior government official, in whom you - until quite recently - placed great trust and invested great admiration... that he's a lying bastard for presenting CLEAR PROOF that he informed your government of torture practices that implicated the canadian mission in Afghanistan.
Gah... you look pathetic.

Yeah... fishing wires across the full length of my basement playroom drop-ceiling (tiles)...
Is wwway not as easy as it sounds.

Love stands on it's own.
It is not cast out like some baited hook.
It has only ever been about letting it's light shine.